GK Questions and Answers on World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis or TB Day 2022: It falls every year on March 24, a day promoted by the World Health Organization. It is celebrated to raise awareness among the people and efforts to prevent and treat this disease. Take the quiz below to learn more about TB.
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GK Questions and Answers on World Tuberculosis Day
GK Questions and Answers on World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis or TB Day 2022: It is observed every year on March 24 to spread awareness about the social and economic consequences of TB's devastating health and to speed up the efforts to end the TB epidemic globally. According to the WHO, approximately 4100 people die from tuberculosis each day, and approximately 28,000 people become ill with the disease.

Various activities and events are organised by different organisations to eliminate TB disease. TB is caused by the bacteria known as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It can be a fatal, if not treated properly. Let us analyse more about World TB Day, how and why is it celebrated, what is TB, its precautions, symptoms, causative organism, etc. in the form of questions and answers.

1. On which date is the World Health Organization recognised to celebrate World Tuberculosis Day?

A. 24 March
B. 24 April
C. 7 April
D. 14 November
Ans. A

2. Name a causal organism that is responsible for causing TB?
A. Bacteria
B. Virus
C. Protozoa
D. None of the above
Ans. A

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3. What was the theme of World TB Day 2017?
A. I am stopping TB
B. Actions for life – Towards a world free of TB
C. Gear up to end TB
D. United to end TB
Ans. D

4. Which of the following statement is/are correct?
(i) Dr. Robert Koch discovered a bacillus in 1882 that causes TB.
(ii) Mainly TB affects the lungs.
(iii) TB is among the top 3 causes of death for women aged 15 to 44.
(iv) Symptoms of TB are fever, night sweat, weight loss, etc.
Options are:
A. (i) and (iii)
B. (ii) and (iv)
C. (i), (iii) and (iv)
D. (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)
Ans. D

5. At which place the disease Tuberculosis was discovered?
A. The Institute of hygiene, Berlin
B. University of British Columbia
C. California Institute of technology
D. At Geneva, Switzerland
Ans. A

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6. Tuberculosis can be separated into how many categories of progression?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
Ans. C

7. World Health Organisation recommended a control strategy for TB known as:
B. Gene therapy
C. Morphine
Ans. A

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8. How does TB spread?
(i) By breathing
(ii) By coughing
(iii) Singing
(iv )Sneezing
Choose the correct option:
A. (i) and (ii)
B. Only (i)
C. Only (ii)
D. All of the above
Ans. D

9. What are the symptoms of the people suffering from latent tuberculosis infection?
A. Have no symptoms
B. Patient feel sick
C. Spread TB bacteria to others
D. Patients have a negative TB blood test.
Ans. A

10. Which one of the following statements is correct about TB?
(i) People suffering from HIV are prone to cause tuberculosis.
(ii) DOTS is a Directly observed treatment, short course.
(iii) In anti-tuberculosis treatment, hepatitis or liver disease is a common side effect.
(iv) Medication for TB is administered for 6 to 8 months.
Options are:
A. Only (ii) is correct
B. (i) and (ii) are correct
C. (ii) and (iv) are correct
D. (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) are correct
Ans. D

11. What is the theme of World Tuberculosis Day 2022?

A. Invest to End TB. Save Lives

B. The Clock is Ticking

C. It's TIME

D. It’s time to end the stigma

Ans. A

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