GK Quiz on Ancient Indian History Set XIII

04-FEB-2016 17:53

    GK Quiz on Ancient Indian History Set XIII consists of 10 Multiple Type Questions that attune and equipped the aspirants according to the evolving nature of different competitive examination.

    1. The greatest Chola king in the dynasty of the Cholas of Thanjavur was

    A. Parantaka

    B. Rajaraja-I

    C. Rajendra-I

    D. Kulottunga

    2. The main focus of the Rigvedic culture was

    A. Indo-Gangetic Valley

    B. Punjab and Delhi region

    C. Indus Valley

    D. Region between the Swat and the Indus

    3. The Veda, which is partly a prose work, is

    A. Atharvaveda

    B. Samaveda

    C. Yajurveda

    D. Rigveda

    4. Match List-I with List-II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below the lists:

    List-I                                  List-II

    A. Nyaya                           1. Jaimini

    B. Vaisheshika                    2. Badarayana

    C. Sankhya                        3. Gautam

    D. Yoga                             4. Kanada

    E. Purva Mimamsa               5. Kapila

    F. Uttara Mimamsa              6. Patanjali


           A  B  C  D  E  F

    (a)  5  6  4  1  2  3

    (b)  4  3  2  1  5  6

    (c)  3  4  5  6  1  2

    (d)  1  2  3  4  5  6

    5. Nagarjuna is known as the Einstein of India because:

    A. Like Einstein he had a rare insight into the nature of the universe.

    B. He was one of the greatest physicists of all time.

    C. He propounded the theory of Shunyavada similar to Einstein's theory of Relativity.

    D. He was a great dialectician.

    6. Which of the following is not matched correctly?

    A. Vardhamana Mahavira's father-Siddhartha

    B. Vardhamana Mahavira's mother- Trisala

    C. Vardhamana Mahavira's wife-Yashoda

    D. Vardhamana Mahavira's daughter-Cheiiana

    7. In which of the following sects was Bindusara interested?

    A. Buddhism

    B. Jainism

    C. Ajivakas

    D. Lokayata

    8. The correct descending order of the Mauryan officers, at the district level, was

    A. Rajuka, pradeshika, yukta

    B. Yukta, rajuka, pradeshika

    C. Pradeshika, yukta, rajuka

    D. Pradeshika, rajuka, yukta

    9. Harappan weapons were made of

    A. stone

    B. copper

    C. bronze

    D. all the above

    10. Which one of the four varnas mentioned in the Purushasukta of the mandala X of the Rig Veda is referred in the other parts of Rig Veda in the sense of a Varna?

    A. Brahmanas

    B. Kshatriyas

    C. Vaishyas

    D. Shudras


    Question Answer
    1. B
    2. C
    3. C
    4. C
    5. C
    6. D
    7. C
    8. D
    9. D
    10. D

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