Learn how to greet someone in Simple English

Learn in Simple English how to greet someone in different scenarios. Greeting someone nicely in Good English can make a lasting impression. Master the art of conversation through simple and easy English phrases.
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Every new conversation starts with a greeting. It can be a face-to face conversation or a telephonic conversation. Greeting is an expression which has to be used first when you meet someone or speak with someone on the telephone.

Greetings in English

While greeting someone, it is important that you should use appropriate level of formality depending on different types of situations. In this video we will share some common and easy phrases that will help you to greet someone in Simple English and in both formal & informal manners.

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Formal Greetings

Formal Greetings are mostly part of business or professional meetings. Therefore, expressions used for formal greetings should be more polite rather than casual.

Formal Greetings

 Here are some common expressions that can be used for Formal Greetings:

•    Good morning
•    Good afternoon
•    Good evening
•    Can you tell me your name please?
•    I’m glad to see you
•    I’m happy to see you
•    I’m pleased to meet you
•    How have you been?
•    How do you do?
•    Good to see you again
•    Nice to see you again

Let us learn through a conversation how one can formally greet someone in Simple English:

Formal Greetings Conversation

Conversation - Greeting your colleague in the morning

Formal Conversation  Good morning, it's a lovely day.

Formal Conversation Good morning, yes it's raining today.

Formal Conversation How are you doing?

Formal Conversation I am doing well, what about you?

Formal Conversation Today's going to be a busy day for me.

Formal Conversation Why, do you have some extra work?

Formal Conversation Yes, I have to prepare a presentation that needs to be submitted tomorrow.

Formal Conversation Can I help you in some way?

Formal Conversation That will be great. But I hope this will not affect your work.

Formal Conversation Not at all, I am a little free today.

Formal Conversation Thank you! You’re so helpful.

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Informal Greetings

Informal Greetings are mostly part of casual conversations with friends and family.

Informal Greetings

Here are some common expressions that can be used for Informal Greetings:

•    Hello or Hi
•    How’s it going?
•    How are you doing?
•    What’s up?
•    What’s new?
•    What’s going on?
•    How’s everything?
•    How are things?
•    How’s life?
•    How’s your day?
•    How’s your day going?
•    Long time no see
•    It’s been a while

Let us learn through a conversation how one can casually greet someone in Simple English:


Conversation - Meeting a friend at café

Informal Conversation Hi, how are you?

Informal Conversation I am fine! You tell.

Informal Conversation It's been long we met?

Informal Conversation Yes, it's been two months now.

Informal Conversation What would you like to have?

Informal Conversation I will have cold coffee.

Informal Conversation It's too hot outside.

Informal Conversation I know, difficult to move out.

Informal Conversation I like the ambience of this cafe.

Informal Conversation The music is good too.

Informal Conversation Remember, we used to come here in our college days.

Informal Conversation Yes, I have really good memories of those days.

Informal Conversation We should meet more often.

Therefore, greeting someone nicely in good English can make a lasting impression. Mantra is to be confident in your conversations and don’t hesitate to greet people in English.

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