List of Top 7 Fastest High Speed Trains of the world

Trains are now competing air planes in the area of quick travelling. The airplanes were earlier said to be the fastest way to reach places but now we have trains that can take you to places even faster. Take a look at the fastest trains in the world below.
Fastest trains of the world
Fastest trains of the world

Europe and Asia are known for their massive train networks and fastest train systems. There are many high speed trains and the infrastructure suitable for them here. Japan leads this technology and is also helping India in building a bullet train network here. Read in the article below about the fastest trains in the world. 

List of Fastest High Speed Trains of the world

Take a look at the list of the highest speed rails of the world below. 

L0 Series Maglev:

  1. This is a Japanese train. 
  2. The speed it moves on is 374 miles per hour or 500 kilometres per hour, which is the highest for any train in the world. 
  3. This train is being developed and tested by Central Japan Railway Company. 
  4. The car length of the train is 28 metres and the length of the complete train is around 299 metres. It has 12 operational cars. 
  5. The trains would make a trip from Tokyo's Shinagawa Station to Osaka in one hour and seven minutes as per estimations. 
  6. The L0 technology is called maglev or magnetic levitation train. The train levitates at speeds exceeding 93 miles per hour.  

Fastest speed train L0Maglev

Take a look at the interiors of the fastest train. 

L0Maglev inside


  1. This train has a maximum speed of 357 miles per hour and has hit the tracks in France
  2. It was in 2007 that the train set the record of 357 miles per hour. 
  3. French rail company SNCF operated the train and is used on the LGV Est route.  This is a route between Paris, eastern France and south Germany. 
  4. Regularly the train's speed is around 200 miles per hour. 
  5. The "POS" in its name stands for Paris-Ostfrankreich-Süddeutschland.
  6. The train's length is around 200 metres and replaced the model of TGV Sud-Est

TGV POS Train 

CRH380A Hexie

  1. China is not behind in this race too. The train CRH380A Hexie which is also called Harmony belongs to it. 
  2. This train can travel to the maximum speed of 236 miles per hour. 
  3. It is said to have reached 302 miles per hour in its tenure too. 
  4. This is one of the trains in the series that is to be operated with four high speed trains lines. 
  5. The series are CRH380B, CRH380C and CRH380D.

CRH380A Hexie

Shanghai Maglev

  1. This train is similar to Japan's L0 series trains. This is why  it is called Shanghai Maglev. 
  2. It is also known as Shanghai Transrapid. 
  3. This is also a type of magnetic levitation train but from China, operational in and out of Shanghai. 
  4. This line ends in Pudong, China. 

Shanghai Maglev


  1. How can South Korea be left behind when its a matter of innovation? HEMU is the answer to this. 
  2. It was built only to reach the speed of 262 miles per hour or 421 kilometres per hour in March 2013. 
  3. The train is not entirely successful but it has made South Korea the fourth ever country to have trains that cross the 261 miles per hour speed mark. 


Fuxing Hao CR400 AF/BF

  1. This train belongs to China again and has a maximum speed of 260 miles per hour.
  2. It is also called Fuxing or CR Series EMU. 
  3. Its operational speed in general is 260 miles per hour but during testing it reached 260 miles per hour which was quite impressive.
  4. This train covers the famous route of Beijing and Shanghai. 

Fuxing Hao

Frecciarossa 1000:

  1. This is the train from Italy with the highest speed of 245 miles per hour. 
  2. It is also called ETR 400. 
  3. It travels to Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice. 
  4. The speed of the train is limited to 190 miles per hour in the country but the highest speed registered by the train crossed 398 kilometers per hour or 245 mph in 2016. 


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