The mouse from this popular kindergarten story is hiding in this optical illusion! Find it to complete the story!

Kindergarten stories are fun and sweet, and they become sweeter when you get a chance to finish them. Find the hidden mouse in this story in just 10 seconds.
Find the hidden mouse!
Find the hidden mouse!

Do you recall those days when all you had to do in a day was get up in the morning, play throughout the day, and sit beside your dad for the bedtime story?


Do you recall the fast hare, who, despite being super fast, lost the race against the tortoise?


Do you remember Alice, who follows a rabbit hole only to land in an unusual place where her destiny lies?


And oh, that hungry lion who had mercy on the mouse, and one fine day, the mouse helped him in return by chewing the net?


Well, today we bring to you a chance to finish an all-time popular kindergarten tale.




By spotting the hidden protagonist in just 10 seconds.

Here's the story.

Once upon a time, there was a dense forest. All the animals in the forest were having a great time of their life.

The kangaroos, the monkeys, the languors, and even the tiniest of the ants; all lived merrily. 

However, the one thing that bothered them a lot was the fear of the king, the lion.


The lion was the 5th king of his family, and perhaps the strongest.


He was fierce and fast, and never missed a chance to get that perfect hunt.


He never starved, nor did any of his family members. If there was an award for the best hunter in the jungle, he would have won all the accolades.


What made him, even more, scarier was his hunger. The moment he is hungry, no one, we repeat, no one could spare his prey from death. He had the tightest of grips in his lineage and was proud of his sharp eyesight. 


Even the mightiest of animals bowed down before the king.

One fine day, the weather was kind to the forest creatures, and the sun poured just the right amount of warmth and light.


All the animals were enjoying their afternoon naps. It was then that the little, naive mouse left for home in search of his cheese.


Well, neither hunger knows the right time to come, nor do life threats. 


The mouse hopped and hopped, from one place to another in search of cheese.


While jumping, he suddenly landed on soft, bulky flesh. He enjoyed the smooth texture below his feet, and could not stop himself from taking a few leaps and jumps.


The next thing he remembers is the loud growl of none other than the king, the lion.

Before he could gain his senses and run, the lion grabbed the tiny mouse in his strong grip. Oh, the lion has a delicious afternoon snack now.


The mouse tried hard to come out of the grip but all his efforts went in vain. The last hope left with him was the option of seeking mercy, which fails 99% of the time in the case of a lion. 


The mouse cried loudly and asked for mercy. "Please, your majesty! Spare me, and I will try to come to you whenever you need me," the mouse cried.

Little did the mouse know that it was one of his luckiest days, and the lion spared him. Maybe, the king wasn't that hungry at that time.

The mouse rushed home and locked himself for one whole week post the incident.


One day, he managed the courage to step out of his house in search of food.

Flowers are must haves in a bedroom! Find the hidden flower vase in this optical illusion image!

Suddenly, he hears a loud cry. It was the lion. On taking a close look he realized that a hunter from town had managed to put a net on the lion.

However, the mouse is too small to navigate through the maze-like forest.


Find the hidden mouse, and tap on it, so that he knows where he stands.

You have only 10 seconds to finish the story.

Image Source: The Quiz Central

Could you find the mouse?

Well, here it is.

Image Source: The Quiz Central

The mouse now knows where he stands. He rushes to the lion, and with great determination and effort, he chews the net. Finally, the lion is free to escape.

The mouse fulfilled his promise.


Thank you readers for completing this famous kindergarten story.


We are sure we made a run back to the sweet nostalgic lanes of your childhood.

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