What is Tomato Flu? Early symptoms, Treatment & Preventive Measures

Tomato Flu is a rare viral disease spreading in India. This disease causes painful red blisters all over the body. Know what Tomato Flu is, how it spreads, symptoms, preventive measures more.
Tomato Flu
Tomato Flu

Researchers and Medical Experts in India are on a run to find cure for the newly emerged Tomato Flu. Tomato Flu or Tomato Fever is a viral disease reported in India since May. The first case of the ailment was recorded around the boundaries of Kollam district, Kerala. And as of now, around 90 cases are identified in the parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Odisha.

Tomato Flu, the rare infection, has been affecting kids below five year. According to The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, Tomato Flu is contagious, self-limiting and there are no specific drugs to treat. However, this possibly new variant of the viral hand, foot and mouth disease is not life threatening.

Let's keep up on all the information in and around Tomato Flu like symptoms, preventive measures and more to curb the spread of Tomato Flu.


What is Tomato Flu?

Tomato Flu, the new outbreak in India is an uncommon viral disease. One of a kind of hand, mouth and foot disease, this ailment got its name because of the eruption of red colored painful blisters that expands to the size of tomatoes. This rare disease is caused by intestinal viruses. Children aged between 1-9 are more prone to Tomato Flu or Tomato Fever as adults usually have stronger immunity power and metabolism to protect themselves. 

What are the symptoms of Tomato Flu?

Medical experts believe that Tomato Flu could be a development of chikungunya or dengue fever in children. As per reports, the early symptoms of Tomato Flu is similar to any other viral infection. Like,

  • Sudden increase in body temperature
  • Severe body ache
  • Skin redness or rashes with constant itching.
  • Painful blisters
  • Fatigue and dizziness.

Some other signs of Tomato Flu in a person are painful sores in mouth, rashes and itching on hands, feets and buttocks, joint swelling, nausea and dehydration. Tomato Flu is often mistaken with coronavirus because of similar signs, however experts have cleared that this virus is not related to SARS-CoV-2.

What is the treatment for Tomato Flu?

As reported, Tomato Flu or Tomato fever is a self-limiting disease which means that it tends to go on its own, without any medications. Hence, there are no specific drugs available in the market to treat or cure the condition. Patients infected with the rare disease are advised to be kept in isolation as it is easily communicable and spreads fast from one person to another.  

The primary treatment given to the patient suffering from Tomato Flu or Tomato Fever is similar to Chikungunya or Dengue. To maintain the hydration level, patients are given plenty of fluids along with a balanced diet. To decrease the body temperature, common medicines like paracetamol or aspirin are prescribed to lower the body temperature and body ache.

Also, the patients are advised to refrain from scratching blisters or rashes and practice good personal hygiene, including ot water sponge to get rid of the rash. 

How to prevent Tomato Flu?

The idea of taking preventive measures against Tomatu Flu is to control its spread. And the list of methods and easy practices to limit the expand of the disease are as follows:

  • Proper sanitation and hygienic surroundings should be given importance.
  • Tomato Flu is rarely fatal, still medical attention is required.
  • It is advised to practice isolation in case of infection.
  • Infection children should avoid any sort of contact with others.
  • Scratching blisters and rashes should be avoided.
  • Kids with infection should be given warm showers or baths.
  • Provide a balanced diet with proper rest for speedy recovery.

Know More About Tomato Flu Virus 

  • Tomato Flu is a Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) variant.
  • It is a common infection caused by a group of enteroviruses.
  • HFMD virus is highly contagious, & spreads through air and the feces of an infected person.
  • No antiviral medication or vaccine is available, but development efforts are underway.
  • A diagnosis usually can be made by presenting signs and symptoms alone.
  • Handwashing and isolation are the only ways to curb the spread of the infection.

Meanwhile, the count of Tomato Flu patients is above 85. In which 26 children aged up to 10 years & other infected kids are reported to be of below 5 years.


How many Tomato Flu cases are active in India?

More than 82 children in Kerala and 26 children in Odisha are suffering from Tomato Flu in India.

Is the spread of Tomato Flu fatal?

Tomato Flu is rarely fatal but it can spread with any sort of contact.

What are the basic symptoms of Tomato Fever?

The early symptoms of Tomato fever are fever, body ache, fatigue & body rashes.

What are the main causes of Tomato Flu or Tomato Fever?

As per the recent report, Tomato Flu is caused by intestinal viruses and poor immunity.

What is Tomato Flu or Tomato Fever?

It is a rare viral infection that causes rashes or painful blisters in children.
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