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CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exam 2018: Important value based questions expected this year

Feb 21, 2018 10:48 IST
    Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exam 2018
    Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exam 2018

    Important value based questions (or VBQs) of Class 12 Biology are available here. These questions are expected to be asked in CBSE Class 12 Biology board exam 2018. These values based questions are from complete CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus.

    Most of these value based questions are quite easy and students need only basic understanding of the subject to answer these questions.

    As per latest CBSE Class 12 Biology exam pattern, one 4 marks question will be asked in the exam. Students preparing for CBSE Class 12 Biology board exam 2018 can also learn about important 1 mark, 2 marks, 3 marks and 5 marks questions from the link given below

    Important questions for Class 12 Biology board exams

    1 Mark

    3 Marks

    2 Marks

    5 Marks

    Students can easily find solutions of these important questions from previous years papers, sample papers, practice papers (by Jagranjosh) and NCERT Solutions. Important links to access these articles are given in between the questions and at the end.

    Important value based questions (4 Marks) for Class 12 Biology board exam 2018 are given below:

    Question: A son persuades his father to replace his old mobile phone with the latest model launched in the market. He also shares the latest features it has and explains how it can be of a help to him in the modern technological world. Father is reluctant in buying a new one and tries to explain about its environmental impact.

    How do you think, the biologist father would try to convince his son? Justify the arguments of father and son both, by mentioning positive aspects of the behavior displayed by both of them in the situation concerned (three each).

    Latest Sample Paper for Class 12 Biology (by CBSE)



    Mohit and Sumit want to buy a new car for their company. Mohit insisted on buying a CNG car with a better mileage but Sumit insisted on buying a diesel version of a high end car with better music system and A.C but relatively low mileage.

    (a) Being a responsible citizen of Delhi, how will Mohit convince Sumit about his decision in the wake of rising pollution levels.

    (b) What qualities of personality are being exhibited by Mohit in doing so?

    (c) Suggest two more measures which can help in reducing vehicular pollution.

    CBSE Class 12 Biology Solved Paper: 2017


    A youth in his twenties met with an accident and succumbed to the injuries. His parents agreed to donate his organs. List any two essential clinical steps to be undertaken before any organ transplant. Why is the transplant rejected sometimes? What views would you share with your health club members to promote organ donation?

    CBSE Class 12 Biology Solved Question Paper: 2016


    A child suffering from Thalassemia is born to a normal couple. But the mother is being blamed by the family for delivering a sick baby.

    (a) What is Thalassemia?

    (b) How would you counsel the family not to blame the mother for delivering a child suffering from this disease? Explain.

    (c) List the values your counselling can propagate in the families.

    NCERT Exemplar Questions: CBSE Class 12 Biology - All Chapters


    An active member of an awareness group conducts regular programmes to sensitise public against alcoholism amongst youth - a serious health hazard in his locality.

    Identify the values this member of the group is trying to propagate amongst the people in his locality.


    Presently, air quality of Delhi has significantly improved in comparison to what existed before 1997. This is the result of a lot of conscious human efforts. You are being asked to conduct an awareness programme in your locality wherein you will comment on the steps taken by Delhi Government to improve the air quality.

    (a) Write any two of your comments.

    (b) List any two ways that you would include in your programme so as to ensure the maintenance of good quality of air.

    (c) State any two values your programme will inculcate in the people of your locality.


    Community Service department of your school plans a visit to a slum area near the school with an objective to educate the slum dwellers with respect to health and hygiene.

    (a) Why is there a need to organise such visits?

    (b) Write the steps you will highlight, as a member of this department, in your interaction with them to enable them to lead a healthy life.


    Women are often blamed for producing female children. Consequently, they are ill treated and ostracized. How will you address this issue scientifically if you were to conduct an awareness programme to highlight the values involved?


    A person in your colony has recently been diagnosed with AIDS. People/residents in the colony want him to leave the colony for the fear of spread of AIDS.

    (a) Write your view on the situation, giving reasons.

    (b) List the possible preventive measures that you would suggest to the residents of your locality in a meeting organised by you so that they understand the situation.

    (c) Write the symptoms and the causative agent of AIDS.


    A child suffering from Thalassemia is born to a normal couple. But the mother is being blamed by the family for delivering a sick baby.

    (a) What is Thalassemia?

    (b) How would you counsel the family not to blame the mother for delivering a child suffering from this disease? Explain.

    (c) List the values your counselling can propagate in the families.


    Rahul loves to play football and was selected as captain of the school team for the district level tournament. He also does social work. He attended a blood donation camp to donate blood and came to know that he was HIV positive. He lost interest in games and refused to play or study. He started counting his days. He remained absent from school for a long time. The Biology teacher visited his house and counselled him. Rahul was back at school and also played the tournament.

    (a) What sense of responsibility did the Biology teacher exhibit?

    (b) A person detected to be HIV positive should be isolated in the society? Do you agree?

    (c) How is AIDS not spread?

    Question: Kanika’s bhabhi is not allowed to enter the kitchen during the days of her menstrual cycle. Kanika’s mother thinks that she is impure and dirty and the food prepared by her is also unhygienic. Give your opinion about such traditional belief.

    Question: Swati is a sex worker. You are a NGO (Non Government Organisation) worker. You are given the responsibility to educate the sex worker about sexually transmitted diseases. Specify any two ways of prevention from such diseases.

    Question: Rahul and Swati have a three year old daughter. During her second pregnancy she wants to go for sex determination test and if needed medical termination of pregnancy. Do you think her decision is right? Justify your answer.

    Question: Swati is dark skinned and children of her class tease her. Renu tries to help and explains her classmates that skin color is an inherited character, so they should stop teasing Swati. Name the type of inheritance involved in skin coloration of humans.


    Rahul was rejected for driving license as it was found that he could not distinguish between red and green color. What would be the impact of his color blindness on his driving on road?


    You must have read in the news paper that some children suffering from Thalesemia became HIV positive due to negligence of a hospital. What negligence has been made on part of hospital authorities in your opinion?


    Rohit meets an accident. Iqbal his schoolmate takes him to hospital where Rohit (AB blood group) needs blood transfusion. Iqbal also has AB blood group and is willing to donate his blood but Rohit’s mother object by saying “Iqbal belongs to different community so has different type of blood.” In your opinion Rohit’s mother is wrong or right? Give your opinion by explaining the allelic composition of blood group AB.


    Mohit had severe pain in his last molar tooth. Doctor advised the tooth to be removed. Mohit’s sister objected saying that this was ‘wisdom tooth’ and is responsible for his IQ. Mohit followed doctor’s advice and got his tooth extracted. Do you think Mohit will fail in his final examinations? Justify your answer by naming the type of structures the ‘wisdom tooth” is?


    Babita’s parents suffer from high blood pressure and are obese. Kavita is also worried about her health. Do you think Babita can inherit these characteristic from parent. Suggest two measures Babita can adopt to avoid high blood pressure and obesity.


    The day next to heavy rains, many insects and moths can be seen near light sources. Some people believe that these insects born from mud. Do you agree with this belief? How will you explain the development of these insects from mud? What values you observed in those people?


    Rahul a 14 year old boy thinks smoking makes him more energetic and feel like adult. He continuously smokes when he is with his peer group. As a friend you have to educate him

    (a) Why he feels more energetic while smoking?

    (b) Effects of CO in smoke

    (c) Other ill effects on body


    Rahul’s uncle is worried as his crop is being destroyed by pests and insects. He suggests his uncle to use Bt crops. His uncle says that such crops produce toxins which can harm the consumers of the crop. Whom do you support and why?

    NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology

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