CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam: Last Days’ Preparation Tips

Find useful tips for last days’ of preparation of CBSE Mathematics Board exam. In this article you will also find important links of sample paper, guess paper and other important study material which will enhance your preparation level.

Created On: Mar 11, 2016 09:11 IST
Modified On: Mar 11, 2016 18:25 IST

Only 2 more days are left for CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Exam 2016 and most of the students of CBSE Class 12th are under stress. This stress is natural as the pattern of CBSE Class 12th Mathematics 2015 question paper put many students in tears as the level of the paper was above average and the numbers of Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) questions were around 50%.

Here are some useful tips which students can follow to score maximum marks in CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam 2016.

Understand the examination pattern:

CBSE follows a specific pattern while setting the question paper. A brief analysis of the previous year question papers and the sample papers issued by CBSE are very helpful to analyze the level of preparation.

For example, the weightage of Calculus & Vector and 3-D geometry is about 61 Marks in CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Question Paper, if a student has good command over these topics then he or she need not to worry. These are the topics which can’t be ignored while revision.

CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Board Examination Pattern: 2016

Revise the chapters:

When you will go through the examination pattern then you will get a rough idea about the weightage of all chapters in the question paper. Afterwards, you can revise all the chapters of your Class 12th Mathematics.

While revising it is very important that first you revise the chapters you have already studied well. You can use NCERT textbooks and other popular reference books. Go through all the important results and their applications given thorough solved examples.

Solve previous year question papers and important guess papers

When you will go through previous year question papers then you will realize that about 20% to 30% questions in the previous year question papers are based on the same concept.

It might be possible that same questions will not repeat but the same concept on which questions are framed keeps on repeating every year.

When you will solve these question papers then you will also get a general idea about time management.

Due to lack of practice, students often fail to score well, not because they do not know the answers to the questions asked, but because they are unable to complete the paper in the given time.

It is strongly recommended to solve the sample paper issued by Mathematics Sample Paper issued by CBSE for the year 2016. Guess Paper for Mathematics prepared by Jagranjosh experts for the year 2016. These papers will be very fruitful and will give an extra edge to your preparation.

For the chapters you have not touched yet, you can memorize standard results and their applications. However, it is advised not to touch the chapters you have never studied. It may hamper your ongoing flow of preparation.

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