CBSE Class 12th English Solved Question Paper 2015 Set-1

Get completely solved CBSE Class 12th English Core Question Paper 2015 (Set - 1). One can download the complete paper in PDF format free of cost with the help of link provided in this article.

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In order to help the students, presents CBSE Class 12th English Core Solved Question Paper 2015 Set- 1. With this solved paper students will learn the latest CBSE Class 12th English Core examination pattern and how to given proper explanation in order to score maximum marks in CBSE class 12th English core board examination.

A few Questions from this Set are given below:

Q. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:


looked out at young

trees sprinting, the merry children spilling

out of their homes, but after the airport's

security check, standing a few yards

away, I looked again at her, wan,


as a late winter's moon and felt that


familiar ache, … … …

(a) How can the trees sprint?

(b) Why did the poet look at her mother again?

(c) What did she observe?

(d) Identify the figure of speech used in these lines.


On their slag heap, these children

Wear skins peeped through by bones' and spectacles of steel

With mended glass, like bottle bits on stones.

(a) Who are these children?

(b) What is their slag heap?

(c) Why are their bones peeping through their skins?

(d) What does 'with mended glass' mean?


(a)  How can the trees sprint?

Ans: The poet remembers her days when she was young and energetic, but those days passed very quickly, just as the trees were running behind when she was on her way to the airport. The trees signify the passing days.

(b)  Why did the poet look at her mother again?

Ans: Value Points:

  • Gripped by fear
  • One last look at her mother
  • Trying to reassure her mother

(c)   What did she observe?

Ans: Value Points

  • Her mother looked pale, weak, tired
  • In the last stages of her life
  • Appeared dull, lifeless

(d)  Identify the figure of speech used in these lines.

Ans: Simile


(a)  Who are these children?

Ans: These children are the slum children who study in the elementary school.

(b)  What is their slag heap?

Ans: The ‘slag heap’ refers to their emaciated wasted bodies. Their bodies have been so compared bring out the comparison that their bones are heaped together like waste heaped together.  

(c)   Why are their bones peeping out of their skins?

Ans: Their bones peep out of their flesh because the children are far too weak and thin on account of malnutrition.

(d)  What does ‘with mended glass’ mean?

Ans: ‘With mended glass’ is a reference to the spectacles the children wear. The glasses of the  spectacles are cracked like repaired pieces of glass bottle.

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