CBSE Class 12th Physics Solved Question Paper 2011-Set I

Find CBSE Board Exam 2011 Class XII Physics Solved Question Paper 2011-Set I.This Physics Solved Question Paper 2011 will help you to get the information about the questions and the latest pattern that how questions are being framed.

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Some solved questions from CBSE Class 12th Physics Question Paper 2011-Set I, are given here

Q. Where on the surface of the earth is the angle of dip 90°.

Ans. Angle of dip is 90° above Earth’s Magnetic North and South Pole.

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Q. A hollow metal sphere is charged such that the potential on its surface is 10 V. What is the potential at the centre of the sphere?

Ans. Since the electric field is equal to the rate of change of potential, this implies that the voltage inside a conductor at equilibrium is constrained to be constant at the  value it reaches at the surface of the conductor. Therefore, the potential at the surface of the conductor is also 10 V.

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Q. How are radio waves produced?

Ans. Radio Waves are produced by-
a) Accelerated motion of charges in conducting wires.
b) Using tuning circuits like RC, LC & RLC.
c) Oscillating electrons in Plasma Oscillations.
d) Rapid acceleration and deceleration of electrons in aerials.
e) Using crystals.

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Q. Write any two characteristic properties of nuclear force?

Ans. Characteristic properties of nuclear force:
a) Short Ranged
b) Charge Independent
c) Does not obey Inverse Square Law
d) Spin Dependent
e) Non Central  (Write any two).

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Q. What happens to the width of the depletion layer of a p-n junction when it is (i) forward biased or (ii) reverse biased?

Ans. The width of the depletion layer of a p-n junction:
a) Forward biased : Increases
b) Reverse biased : Decreases

Q. Define the term ‘stopping potential’ in relation to photoelectric effect?

Ans. The negative potential at which the photo electric current becomes zero is called the stopping potential or cut-off potential. Stopping potential is that value of retarding potential difference which is just sufficient to halt the most energetic photo electrons emitted. It is denoted by ‘Vο’.

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