CBSE exams preparation: Top 5 mobile apps

While the education system in India isn’t transforming on papers, the tech-savvy students of the present times have taken the charge in their own hands, at least to modify the ways they prepare for examinations.

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While the education system in India isn’t transforming on papers, the tech-savvy students of the present times have taken the charge in their own hands, at least to modify the ways they prepare for examinations. The board exams for X and XII classes are the fate-deciding factors for the students of CBSE. These students crave for getting an edge over others, which is why; most of them ditch the text books and adopt virtual studying through the Internet and mobile applications.

These days, a lot of mobile applications have come up to guide and assist the students in CBSE exam preparations. From apps like Pocket Science and Minglebox for X and XII class, respectively to the apps like Math Formulae Lite and Brilliant, there is a whole lot wide spectrum available at the pedestal for the students these days. Let us have a look at top 5 mobile applications that will surely assist you in preparing for your CBSE exams.

Minglebox CBSE Prep

This is a four star rated educations application available for free on Google Playstore. It includes a detailed and all-inclusive syllabus for Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Also, the students can find explanations for theory, numerical and derivations at this app.

The applications claims to build and clarify the concepts of class XII CBSE students. The students can get access to the learning material, questions & answers as well as news & updates by registering on the app.

Pocket Science- CBSE Class 10th

This is another app available on Google Playstore for the Class 10th students. It covers CBSE SA2 science chapters along with the questions and answers spanning across every single line of NCERT books. The app facilitates the discussion zone, which enables the students to post their queries and clarify their doubts. The app offers diverse sections or divisions, such as, discussion zone, anagrams, crosswords and more.

The application is available only for the Android mobile devices as of now. The students who wish to use this app for NTSE can do so by downloading its NTSE segment app. In Pocket Sceince-CBSE Class 10th app, the students can study chapters that include carbons and the compounds, periodic elements’ classification, heredity & evolution and much more.


Rated 4.1 on the basis of users’ reviews, this app is available for the Android devices on Google Playstore. This application claims to predict the questions for your next CBSE exams. This is done by digging into the past question papers of CBSE for class 8th, 9th and 10th. ExamHack claims that it tracks 1000 past question papers and from them, extracts the questions that are most likely to come in your next exam. Students can also choose the difficulty level and solve the questions.

As the name says it all, this app claims that it allows you to “hack” through the exams and prepare for the Boards in 50% less time than other students.

Math Formulae Lite

If you face troubles in mugging up theorems and formulae, this application is perfectly suited for you. The application is available on Google Playstore and is 4 star rated. It lists out some of the most intricate and important topics and formulas for Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry. The students find it interesting to have all the formulae listed at one place and this app is much like your textbooks.

The application also offers quadratic equation problem solving to the students, which allows them to revise and practice more. Also, the methods for solving the problems are hinted, which makes it easy for the students to revise their syllabus.

Human Anatomy by SusaSoftX

This application is a treasure for Class 12th Medical students. This is an easy and quick educational reference application that contains vital information from 16 diverse biological systems, such as, Digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system, urinary system and more. The students can learn about the human anatomy in detail by zooming very illustration and referring to the Wikipedia links.

This application allows the students to study the human anatomy in and out with complete clarification of the concepts.

With the aforementioned apps in pocket, the students can learn, clarify and revise their syllabus or particular chapters, as and when required. Learning through the apps is an interesting and informative concept.

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