What are the commonly asked important topics of Class 11th syllabus for JEE Main?

Students appearing for JEE Mains 2020 can get here answers to the questions regarding Class 11 and Class 12 Syllabuses. Also, they can get to know about the most commonly asked topics from Class 11 Syllabus that are asked in the exam.

Important topics of CBSE class 11 for JEE Main 2020
Important topics of CBSE class 11 for JEE Main 2020

Students appearing for JEE Main are prepping up with mock tests and last minute revisions. Yet, students are facing some confusions regarding the questions from Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus on which the national level engineering exam i.e. JEE Main is based. The frequently asked questions by JEE Main appearing candidates for syllabus are –

1. Which syllabus out of class 11 and class 12 carries maximum questions weightage in JEE Main?

2. How can class 12 board exams appearing complete their class 11 syllabus before JEE Main?

3. Can I get a good rank in JEE Main, if I have not studied/revised class 11th syllabus?

4. What are the important chapters and topics from the class 11th syllabus that are asked in JEE Mains?

For all such queries of JEE Main aspirants regarding important topics asked from class 11 syllabus, we have provided here answers as well as common topics from class 11 syllabus included in JEE Main every year.

Before we proceed to know about the important topics from class 11 syllabus, let us have a look at key features of JEE Main syllabus –

  • The syllabus of JEE Main is divided into 40:60 or 60:40 ratio for class 11 and class 12 syllabus. This is why it is important for JEE Main appearing students to complete the syllabus of Class 11 and Class 12.
  • To cover the syllabus of JEE Main, the best way study is covering up class 12 and class 11 syllabuses simultaneously. This will help students in getting good rank in JEE Main. Some students prefer to cover up class 11 syllabus for JEE Main after board exams are over, but they may not be able to cover up the entire syllabus in a few days and hence, they won't be able to get good marks in JEE Main.
  • There is only a difference of 10 to15 days in class 12 board exams and JEE Main and in these days, it would not be easier for students to cover the class11th syllabus. Therefore, students need to know about important topics from the syllabus that are commonly asked in JEE Main

Here we are providing most important topics from class 11th syllabus for all three subjects i.e. Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry which will be helpful to prepare for the exam in remaining days and score well to secure good rank.


For physics section of JEE Main, the questions asked are conceptual and therefore, students need to have a complete understanding of class 11 physics chapters and concepts. The common and most important concepts asked from Class 11 Physics in JEE Main are –

  • Work-Energy Theorem
  • Rigid Body Dynamics & Rotational Motion
  • Gravitation
  • Thermodynamics & Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Simple Harmonic Motion


Generally, students find chemistry sections as the easiest in JEE Main. Students should refer to NCERT's books for preparation of chemistry subject completely. The important topics that are asked in Chemistry section of JEE Main from Class 11th syllabus are –

  • Mole Concept
  • Periodic Properties and Chemical Bonding
  • Thermodynamics and Equilibrium
  • General Organic Chemistry (GOC) and Element Detection
  • Inorganic Salt Analysis


To score good marks in the mathematics section of JEE Main, students need to practice well all questions from important concepts. More practising will help students develop speed and accuracy. The most important topics in JEE Main Mathematics section from Class 11 syllabus are –

  • Quadratic equation & Complex Numbers
  • Series & Sequences (A.P., G.P., H.P. & A.G.P.)
  • Conic Sections
  • Probability


JEE Main 2020 appearing students got to know about the most commonly asked topics from Class 11 syllabus for all three sections i.e. Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Students must prepare this section to ensure good marks in JEE Main.

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