Job Interview Tips: How to behave during an Interview?

Success a Job Interview depends upon different factors and your behaviour plays a pivotal role in your selection. So, let’s check out the job interview tips for your behaviour.

Job Interview Tips: How to behave during an Interview?
Job Interview Tips: How to behave during an Interview?

Job Interviews are tough to crack, especially for young Millennialsin India who face super-stiff competition in the job market. Merely having a strong CV or an impeccable academic track record might not be enough when it comes to impressing the interviewer or being hired. Today, with competition rising in the job market every single day, recruiters expect something more, something beyond the usual in their job interview candidates.

This is where your personality and behaviour come into picture during a job interview. The way you behave in a job interview or exhibit your personality traits tells a lot about you to the recruiter as compared to your CV or Resume. Therefore, knowing how to behave in a job interview plays a major role when it comes to cracking one and getting your dream job.

To help you master the art of behaving in a job interview, we have given a few basic tips and tricks to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. So, let’s check them out.

1. Punctuality

The first step in leaving a lasting impression is to be punctual and reach for the interview on time. Remember, job interview is a formal meeting and therefore time is of the essence for both you as well as the interviewer. Therefore, reaching for the interview on time is pivotal for a candidate who is appearing for a job interview. Being late, would only give an impression that you have a callous attitude towards the job for which you are being interviewed.

Moreover, being late would also irritate the interviewer and in-turn won’t work to your advantage. Even if you are running late your job interview due to some unavoidable circumstances, please make sure that you inform your interviewer about the same. This will show that you are respectful of the interviewer’s time and are very keen and professional in your behaviour.

2. Greetings

After reaching to the interview venue, the next thing that will showcase your good behaviour before the interviewer is the way you greet them. As stated above, interview is a formal meeting and therefore you must follow formal or official protocol when it comes to greetings. A firm and strong handshake with a proper address to the interviewer as per their designation would surely impress the interviewer.

3. Dressing

Dressing is an integral part of your behavioural traits; therefore it is also a pivotal factor when it comes to leaving a impressing your interviewer. When it comes to job interviews, dressing casually is a complete No-No. Therefore, pick good formal wear that fit you well and showcases you in good light. Pick soothing formal colours for your clothes and colours such as red, yellow or pink that can distract interviewers are best avoided. Last but not the least; dress in clothes that you feel comfortable in; it will help you be confident before the interviewer and answer all their questions or queries easily.

4. Grooming

Grooming or Hair-Care is a critical element when it comes to job interview behaviour. In fact, hair and hairstyle are great concerns for both men and women. The way you groom yourself says a lot about your personality and has an impact on the behavioural aspects as well. If you are constantly playing with your hair or have to keep on managing it; it will be accounted as poor-manners by the interviewer.

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A well groomed man with pleasant hairstyle and a clean shave or well-managed beard goes a long way in leaving a good impression upon the interviewer. Similarly, women can manage their hair well and in a way that it doesn’t become a distraction or a play thing during interview. Such grooming techniques will help you ace your job interview.

5. Sitting Posture

The way you sit in a job interview also forms a critical part of your behavioural traits. Therefore, you must adopt an up-right sitting posture that makes you look attentive. But make sure that your posture is comfortable and doesn’t tire you out. In case of long interviews, a comfortable posture will help you remain calm and composed and help you exhibit confidence. While sitting at your desk, make sure that also look attentive towards to interviewer, this will surely earn a few brownie points for you.

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6. Exiting the Interview Room

Just like entering or greeting the interviewer for a job interview, it also matters how you leave your interview room. Many times, candidates often assume that interview is over without it being explicitly being stated by the interviewer. This is a wrong practice as it gives out the impression that you are in a hurry to finish the interview. When the interviewer is ready to end the interview, s/he will let you know.Similarly, when it comes to exiting the interview room, make sure that you greet the interviewer properly and thank him for giving you the required time. This will again strengthen your case before the interviewer.

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To sum up…

Soft-skills and behavioural traits have become the pivotal aspect of job interviews and candidates screening process or rounds in the corporate world. The more polished your behaviour in an interview; the better would be your chances of cracking it and getting the job. Therefore, always pay attention to your behaviour in a job interview. It will not only help you to leave a lasting impression upon the interviewer but also make sure that you stand apart from crowd and get the job you have been aiming for.

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