Tips to ace Group Discussion Round in a Job Interview

Group Discussion Rounds have become an integral part of Job Interview process. Here are a few tips that will help you ace GD round in a job interview.

Tips to ace Group Discussion Round in a Job Interview
Tips to ace Group Discussion Round in a Job Interview

Businesses today are all about 3D’s i.e. debates, discussions and decisions. So, it doesn’t come across as a major surprise that Group Discussions have become a norm when it comes to job interviews. Along with your educational backgrounds and technical or core skills; recruiters also pay a lot of attention to soft skills, especially communication skills. And what better way to judge someone’s communication skills other than a group discussion round.

With the increasing dominance of group discussions as part of the hiring process for corporates; it is time that job seekers start training for them properly. Many young candidates who go for job interview are often unprepared for the job interview round and end up losing out on their dream job opportunity. If you don’t want to be one of them, you can follow the simple tips and tricks given below to improve your chances of cracking a job interview easily.

Understand the GD Topic

Group Discussions are generally held around a topic. Generally speaking, companies organize the GD round on interesting topics that are in news or a topic that is specifically related to their industry or domain. Like all discussions, the only way you can positively contribute to the GD round and leave a mark upon your interviewer is by understanding the topic well. If you are completely unaware of the topic, try a simple Google search and catch up on the latest trends. Once you get basic understanding of topic, framing quality arguments would be much easier. This way an insightful understanding of the topic will help you to impress the interviewers.

Know the evaluation criteria

Ever tried appearing for an exam without knowing the paper pattern or the exam format? It would be super difficult for you to ace a Group Discussion if you don’t know on what factors you are going to be graded upon. Therefore, you should focus on the key aspects on which you would be evaluated for during a group discussion.

But, unfortunately there is no singular formula that can help you understand the selection criteria and in majority of the cases it would depend upon the kind or type of job profile that you are interviewing for.

For instance, if you are appearing for a sales interview, your convincing power would matter the most in a group discussion. Similarly, if you were interviewing for the role of a manager, your creative ideas and how you manage the group would have more weight. So, always keeps the evaluation criteria in mind when it comes to group discussion and prepare yourself accordingly.

Opening Statement Matters

The old adage of ‘first impression is the last impression’ holds great truth when it comes to group discussion. The first words that come out of your mouth in a group discussion hold great value and will play a major role in your selection in the job interview process.

Therefore, your opening statement in a group discussion should be well thought-out and articulated well. As a candidate appearing for a job interview,  you should use small and thought-provoking opening statements to impress others participating in the Group Discussion. You may not have a prepared speech for that, but an introduction with the use of catchy phrases with business jargons could do the job well. You can use the phrases we have enlisted below in case you don’t know how to initiate GD.

Today we are here to discuss about...

We will be talking...

Our main objective is to...

As we can see, the agenda for the GD will be like.......

At first, we’ll be talking about...

First of all, we’ll discuss the issue like.....

After that, we will look at......

How professionals can make the job search more productive

Don’t hog the spotlight

The whole point of a group discussion is to discuss any given topic as a group. Therefore, along with sharing your own viewpoints, it is very important that you allow others to do the same. Interviewers who are grading the group discussion do not look kindly upon candidates who try to hog all the lime-light by merely imposing their own views upon others.

Therefore, be open to views shared by others and be respectful towards counterview points as well. This will showcase you in better light as a person who is more open and respectful towards others’ viewpoints. So, don’t interrupt anyone while speaking. It can help you to understand their viewpoints and arguments even if you don’t agree with them. So, try listening to others participants as well.

Unique questions that are asked in job interviews

State your viewpoints clearly

Without stating your views clearly, you can’t make an impact even if you have more insightful knowledge about Group Discussion topic. So, try to state your opinions clearly. But, don’t forget to use simple and easily understandable words while speaking.  And one more thing to remember is that don’t get aggressive even if you’re disagreeing with someone. All these key things can help you to convince others on your logical and right ideas on the topic given in GD.   

Don’t let the discussion go off the track

During a Group Discussion, in the course of arguments and counter-arguments, participants often ignore the topic of discussion. In such situation, you must take the lead and try to bring the discussion back to the right path.

So, to showcase your leadership in a group discussion, try to keep the discussion in right direction. If anyhow it loses the right direction, then try get back it on right track. It can help you to impress the selectors who closely observe every candidate participating in the GD.

How to Impress Your Interviewer?

To sum up…

Group discussion round is the most important step of the pre-selection screening process in a job interview and it isn’t easy to crack. But, with insightful understanding about the topic of GD, selection criteria, strong and effective opening statement, listening and understanding others’ viewpoints, and speaking clearly, you can easily crack it.  

If you know any other secret tips and tricks to leave your mark in a group discussion, please point them out in the comments section below. Know someone who has a group discussion round coming up as part of the job interview process, share this article with them and they will surely be thankful to you. For more interesting articles related to job preparation and cracking interview and group discussion, visit

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