Unique questions that are asked in job interviews

Tips for job seekers doing preparation in order to get selected in job interviews.

Unique questions that are asked in job interviews
Unique questions that are asked in job interviews

With the growing competition in the corporate world, today every company tends to hire only those candidates who can stand out from the crowd. In order to select suitable and qualified candidates, companies are now making changes in their own selection processes.

From telephone screening of the candidates to face to face strategic talk, we can easily see the changing pattern of job interviews. In addition to this, some interviewers ask candidate questions which are neither related to their professional nor to personal life. Too often, these unusual questions lead to failure of the candidates. 

Well, if you are planning to take a job interview and don't know how to deal with such unusual and confusing questions, then this article promises to clear all such doubts that may push you to a state of quandary inside interviewer’s room.

Tell me what is your favourite Drink?

In order to keep the health insurance cost low, the companies tend to hire those candidates who don’t drink alcohol. Your answers to this question may tell the interviewer whether you drink alcohol or not.

What could I find in your refrigerator right now?

By asking this question, the interviewers get to know much about your planning and other personality traits. So, be careful while replying to this question. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, however play smart while answering to such baffling questions.

What is the last movie you watched?

With your answer to this question, the interviewers become able to know about your interests. It may help them to understand your overall personality and area of interest.    

Tell me about your favourite book you read lately?

The recruiters, employers and interviewers like those employees who tend to read the newspapers and magazines in order to know what is happening in the industry and around them.  Your answers to this question may make a pitch for the job you have applied for.

What fictional character you may choose for yourself

Your answer to this question reveals your interest and personality which may help interviewers to judge you as an aspirant for the job you have applied for.

if anybody writes your biography, what should be the title of that book?

A creative reply which could offer a summary to your accomplishments may help you to impress the interviewers. So, be creative and formulate the best possible title for your overall accomplishments while replying to this question. It can help you to get the job.  

How would you utilise the time if you had only eight months to live?

You must show your planning style and how you would materialise your well-thought-out plan to achieve your target. Answering in this way can make a pitch for you. Interviewers also judge your ability to work in pressure and meeting deadlines by asking this question.

How would you use the money if you won more than a crore of Rupees in lottery?

You must use your creativity, effective planning style, passion for goal, sense of responsibility and desire to work more while answering to such questions of the interviewer. It may showcase your overall potential, exactly what your interviewer is looking. 

Who do you like the most, your mom or dad?

Be careful while answering to this question. Don’t resemble as if you like your mom more than your dad.  It may indicate the family problems or gender preference or preferential treatment in the job interview. So, say what your mom and dad have taught you to become successful in your life.

What are the things that make you angry?

Don’t admit that you lose temper. But, indicate that you handle the problem with patience, and collectiveness so that they couldn’t build up to the anger point. 

How many people are very close to you?

There are many people who don’t have many close friends, so don’t say you do if you don’t. Don’t lie and say that you have many close friends as that may seem like bit shallow and put you on the wrong end. Once the interviewer loses his trust in you, you could not gain that back again.


In a job interview, answering to such questions which you have not even thought before is very difficult for the candidates, but a clue about those unique and confusing questions may help candidates to face the situations. In this article, we have tried to suggest some unusual and confusing questions with their well-thought-out answers. It would help you to crack the interviews.

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