Excellent Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Making a good resume is essential to stand out from the crowd. Check out some excellent tips on making such a resume for yourself.

Created On: Feb 12, 2020 18:44 IST
Excellent Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out
Excellent Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Resumes are an essential part of a college students life. And it's not just the final year students who need to make resumes. In the current scenario, the art of making a good resume is essential even for the students in the early years of college. As we all know internships have become an integral part of the college curriculums. And to get a good internship you need to make yourself a good resume.

There are a lot of advices and tips to keep in mind when making a resume. But the trick of making a good resume is to make one that can stand out in the eyes of your recruiter. Interviewers look through dozens of resumes every day and they scan most of them for potential candidates. It is essential to catch their eye in that first scan unless you want your resume to end up in the pile of discarded applications. Here are some essential tips to help  you design a resume that will stand out in the eyes of the recruiters.

Ensure that your resume is error-free

It may sound quite simple but a lot of resumes that college students send out contain a number of small mistakes that they happen to overlook. Such as that of punctuation errors, spelling mistakes and other such small things. Proofreading your resume two to three times before you send it out to the recruiters it very important. Your employer might not over look these small mistakes especially if the job you are applying for a job that requires you to pay attention to such things. Also, have others read your resume to ensure that you haven't overlooked any mistakes. A lot interviewers scan through the resumes to eliminate potential candidates and such errors could make your resume end up in the rejected pile. 

Mention accomplishments, Not responsibilities

Another very common mistake made by college students. They fail to understand the difference between accomplishments and responsibilities. They feel that mentioning a lot of bullet points in the accomplishment section would make their resume more stronger. But they fail to realize that a lot of the points mentioned hardly pass as accomplishments. They are mere duties that they have carried out in college and internships. You have to explain the reason why you felt a sense of accomplishment after completing that particular task. What was it that you learnt from the job. How did it add to your professional skills or personality.

Latest trends in resume writing for college students

Make a detailed yet concise resume

An ideal resume of a fresh college graduate usually consists of one or two pages at the max. Long resumes do nothing but confuse the employers of your skills. If they feel that you are a jack of all trades but master of none, your chances of a good placement turn weak. Moreover, it also makes your resume look cluttered and difficult to read. Recruiters are accustomed to scan through resumes for important information but if it is too much content it would do nothing but invoke their disinterest. It is good to give max details about your skills and why you are fitting for the job. But try and do so with the minimum amount of words. Also use clean fonts like Calibri or Cambria.

5 essential interview tips for college students

Tailor your resume on the lines of the job description

A single resume cannot work for all the job profiles. Even if you are applying for the same position in every organization you still have to tailor your resume a little. You have to match your resume to the job descriptions given by different recruiters. Match up the keywords from the job description to the details in your resume. If you talk the same language as that of your employers you have a much better chance at getting noticed.

Resume Organizing tips for College Students

Good resumes are the key to getting noticed by the interviewers. Always remember that your resume is your first means of contact with the recruiter. Based on your resume only, your employer would develop an image of your personality in his mind. And as the famous proverb goes, 'the first impression is the last impression.' Whether it is true or not it is a debatable topic but surely making a good first impression is far better than working on to improve a weaker first impression. Understand that your resume is the key to standing out in the crowd of potential applicants for the job. For more such interesting articles on tips for resume writing and other stuff on college life please visit, www.jagranjosh.com/college. Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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