Most Important Topics for UPSC IAS Main Exam 2015

These are the most important topics for the IAS Main Exam 2015.

Created On: Nov 17, 2015 15:24 IST

Civil Services Main Exam 2015 is just round the corner and only around 4 weeks left for the commencement of the exam. We can see in the previous year papers and in their detail analysis that there are no specific divisions of the topics. The questions asked from a specific topic can ask any general aspect of a event. The special emphasis is paid on the basic constitution and the related developments.

Following are the most important topics for the IAS Main Exam 2016.

Indian Federal Principles

Doctrine of Basic Structure

Judicial Activism

Executive responsibility in the Indian Federal Structure

GST Bill

Duties of Prime Minister

Right to Privacy and the Sting Operation by Media

How far the Media trial can be justified

Death Sentence and the Right to life

Adarsh Gram Yojana

Start-up India and Stand up India is the need of time for Employment Creation

At one hand the Government is promoting the individuals to work as Entrepreneurs and on the other hand the opening up of a sector and the increase in the FDI Limit has invited big players having enormous money which is hampering the individuals’ entry to the sector. What can be the best way out?

Rajiv Khel Abhiyaan

Giving Money to the State Government without Capacity building will be the waist of money in the long run. Comment

Internal Security should remain in the Union Government hand as it requires the multistate coordination and leadership.

The vigilance commission should be made independent from the State Government to make its work more efficient and result oriented. Substantiate.

CBI should be made a constitutional body like CAG and should submit its report to the Parliament. Write your reason with appropriate reasoning.

Disaster Management capabilities should be shared with the State Government also.

It is a high time to reform our education system so that the basic life skills can be implanted in the citizens of future India.
Indian should made a Separate Law for the increasing Air Pollution and should also establish specialized agencies to implement such provisions strictly. State your opinion on this issue.

Do you think that MNREGA Scheme should be re-structured? If yes then suggest how, if no then why.

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