On which subjects should I focus for SSC preparation?

Due to the general fear for Mathematics and English, many candidates couldn’t get pass the SSC examination and this affects their confidence dearly. By applying simple techniques and methods they can enhance their skills in the subjects and perform better in the examination.

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On which subjects should I focus for SSC preparation
On which subjects should I focus for SSC preparation

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) offers various posts in different government ministry, offices and departments across the country to the aspiring candidates who are willing to make their career in government sector. Every year lakhs of candidates apply for posts offered under SSC. The candidates are asked questions on various papers depending upon the level of the examination and the post. They should have a clear understanding of the examination pattern as well as the syllabus of the examination. They should at the very beginning, point out the weaker areas that they need to work upon and start preparing themselves for the same. Many candidates find it tough to deal with the English language paper, because of their educational background and a weak base in the language. They fear the outcome of the language might end up chances in getting through to the next round of selection. They immediately start to fear and panic about the language, which in turn affects the entire preparation of the candidates. Another such paper in which most candidates fear is, Quantitative Aptitude. The fear of mathematics is quite common among many aspiring candidates. They should try and device mechanism to fight with their fear and try to invest more of their energy, preparing for these papers while they are preparing for the overall SSC examination.

Focusing on Quantitative Aptitude for SSC

Quantitative Aptitude, as the name suggests, deals with mathematical operations and its applications. The level of the questions depends on the particular examination that the candidates are undergoing. They could find the syllabus and consequent questions that might come at the examination through different sources available online and offline. They need to prepare their mind that they are going to face certain questions which doesn’t fall under their comfort zone. The paper also requires the candidates to be fast and accurate while solving the questions and thus need them to learn the various tricks, methods and strategies to solve them in lesser time from preparatory and guide books available through various sources. The candidates need to practice the questions on a regular basis, remembering all the formulas and methods of solving the questions by heart. The questions are asked from the basics of mathematics in the examination and thus the candidates can often refer to their basic mathematics books of secondary and senior secondary level and revise, what they have learnt in the subject so far.

Focusing on English Language for SSC

English language is another such paper which is feared by many around the country. Poor level of teaching and lack of understanding of the foreign language in the students of government run schools of the country is one major reason of the fear. Many aspiring SSC candidates hail from small cities and they do not get a proper nourishment of the language which results in imperfect grammar sense and lack of sentence formation capabilities. This is a major problem and a cause of fear among many aspiring candidates who prepare for the SSC examinations. They often undergo English classes and read texts dedicated to the language. But the solution never comes by reading from the surface, instead the candidates need to delve deep and have a clear understanding of the basics of the language. They should focus more on the grammatical aspects and learn the tense by heart. They should practice writing regularly to improve their sentence formation skills and develop reading habit from any and every source they could find. Reading helps the candidates learn newer words and techniques of sentence formation. The candidates should note down new words, write their meaning in the consequent column and try to remember them on a regular manner. They should also refer the online and offline books available for the language to get a better idea of the questions and their solutions for the examination.

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