Top 8 ideas for parents to keep their child stress free during board exams

This article provides experts’ suggestions for parents on how they can help their kids to deal with board exam stress and give their best to attain high scores.

Board exams often come with a hype, that takes away the sleep of not only the students but of their parents too. Everyone experiences stress at such times. Especially, for the class 10 students for whom the board exam is going to be a totally new scenario, the conditions are like nerve-racking. Be it a state board like UP board or the central board, CBSE, board exams appear as the biggest challenge in a student’s life. At this time, parents also go through a tough situation. They find themselves unable to help their child get out of stress. Some other parents, out of their high expectations, want their kids not to lose any single effort to reach the success line. They try to force many impositions on their kids like not to watch TV, stay away from gadgets, avoid outings with friends, study for as many hours as possible and so on. But, sometimes their impositions may cause their children to get over stressed and anxious, which may ultimately lead to lower results. Thus, the role of parents in guiding their children is very important when it comes to beat the exam stress and worries to secure a good result.

Here we have collected a few suggesting points for parents as prescribed by veteran exam counselors which can help them to guideline their kids during the exam days so as to accelerate their exam preparations and boost their performance to get top marks in CBSE and UP Board Exams 2017.

Fine below the guidelines on how you can assist your child during exam days to boost his performance:

1. Have realistic expectations

have realistic expectations

According to psychologists, most of the parents out of their expectations, instead of providing emotional support to their children during exams,  push them into an unhealthy rat race. Every parent should create their anticipations according to their child’s capabilities. Parents are required to ensure that their children are not pressurized with unrealistic expectations. Let your child work with his comforts and potentials. Do not try to multiply his stress by forcing your own expectations on him.

2. Instill positivity

instill positive thoughts

Negative or pessimistic thoughts often surround a student during the exam days, which results in nervousness and ultimately a decline in his performance. Thus, it is very important for the parents to ensure that they provide full support to their child and provide a positive environment at home. They must talk to their child and discuss his problems and help him to find out a solution for the same. Positive thoughts must be infused with a strong sense of willpower.

3. Instill confidence

help developing confidence

It is important for the parents to instill confidence in their children that no matter how much they score, they will always support them. The child must be explained that nervousness can make him/her lose confidence and the key is to set these nerves to activist use. Therefore, as a parent, pay special attention towards your child and encourage him to overcome his worries and gain confidence to go through the exams successfully. Help him find the ways to develop self-confidence. This will enhance his work potentials and help him to get the desired result.

4. Be your kid’s study partner

be study partner

It really works if you sit with your kids, talk about their preparations, remaining topics and all. Discuss their problems. Help them resolve the same. Take oral tests to help them track their preparations. Motivate them to give it their best shot. Having someone to talk to about your work really helps. Support from the parents can help children air their worries and keep things in perspective.

5. Help to frame study timetable

make study schedule

Never set rules for studying. Try to stay liberal and allow your child to work during his most productive hours. Be it during the night time or in the morning. Just assist him to frame a study schedule and revision plans that suits him well and are sure to increase his performance. Motivate him to stick to his study timetable.

6. Take care of your kids diet and sleep

take balanced diet

Concentration must be given on the nutrition and well being of your child, as it can directly influence the exam stress and worries. Parents should take care that their children appearing for the exam take a proper sleep for at least 7-8 hours so that their mind gets fully relaxed and refreshed. Extra care must be taken about their diet. A proper nutritious diet like fruits, juices, green leafy vegetables, milk must be included in their daily meals.

7. Avoid comparison and criticism

Every student comes with his own inbuilt abilities. Not everyone can be a topper. So, comparing your kid with other high scorers in the class is not at all a wise thing.  It is no way going to help him think higher, but can demoralize him. Parents are also advised not to criticize their children about not remaining focused for studies. Instead, help them work according to their abilities.

8. Let your kid enjoy study breaks

take study breaks

It is observed that during the exam period, the students appearing for CBSE and other boards like UP board, remain glued to the books and do not take any breaks. This can cause the student’s brain to get fatigued, decreasing its concentration ability and memorizing power, hence adds up to the exam stress. This becomes the parents’ duty to check if their child is taking study breaks and if yes then how he is using this study break to refresh and recharge his mind and body. Children must be encouraged to do healthy and brain soothing activities like going out for a walk, listening to music, playing sports with friends or any other activity which helps them relax and improving concentration.

Thus, the exam time is going to be stressed not only for the students but for the parents too. Being a parent, you should always adopt strategies and ideas that can help your kid to release the exam stress so that his exam result may reflect your efforts that how hard you have worked for him.

Keep positive, keep supporting your li’ll master.

All the best!

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