Board Exams 2019: How should parents support students

Parental support during board examination plays a very important role in the performance their child. In this article, we will understand how parental support contribute to good performance in examination.

Parent's role during board exams
Parent's role during board exams

CBSE board exams 2019 are going to start after few months. As we all know, examination time is the most stressful time for the students who are going to appear for these exams. During this time period, students become careless towards their health. They avoid taking sound sleep, eat less and do plenty of other such self-harming activities. Sometimes these activities cause irreversible loss to their health.

Parents play a very important role during this time. The parents' role can act as a catalyst for increasing the performance of their child.

Here are few things which parents of a child should do during examination time.

Use these magic words

Speak motivating words to chidren during CBSE board exam preparation

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Sentences like “This is not the end of the world just do your best”, “Everything is a once in a lifetime experience”, “Exams are just a game and you are smart enough to play well”, “don’t worry about results just do your best”, these phrases reduces mental pressure of exams on students.

Such phrases also give emotional support to students. They feel more confident and focus more on exam preparation rather thinking about the result.

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Avoid putting unnecessary pressure

Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your child

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If your child is studying for 2 hours daily then during exams they can extend this time for 3 to 5 hours.

Mind and body of a person needs time to adapt themselves to such changes. When a student studies for 2 to 3 hours daily then neurons of the brain are set to work accordingly. Any sudden changes will not give good results.

Parents should understand that compelling them to study for 9 to 12 hours just before the exams will not help them.

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A little bribe can help

Smaller rewards yield bigger results specially in board exams

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Although it is not a good practice but students often need some source of motivation.

Parents can make promises like, “we will gift you a new bicycle if you will get above 90% in maths and science”, “we will take you to a hill station if you will score above 70%”.

Such types of promises motivate them to work harder. The best part of this technique is parents do not need to compel them for study.

Track their health & eating habits

Provide healthy food to your child during CBSE board exams

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During last months of exam preparation, some students start skipping their daily meals, few students starts consuming junk food and snacks. Nowadays, it has also been observed that some students consume medicines without any medical prescriptions. Such drugs may cause harmful effects on the mental and physical health of a student.

So, it is important that parents should take care of their child’s health. Parents should encourage their child to take light food and fruits instead of fast food or junk.

Different types of food have different effects in the mind of a person. Parents should ensure that their child is eating a balanced diet and not taking any unnecessary medication. Parents should also ensure that their child is taking proper rest or sleep.

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Don't party when they are preparing

Try to maintain pin drop silence when your child study

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Parents should avoid watching TV, playing loud music or doing any other such activity which may distract their child’s attention from studies. Parents should avoid inviting guests and relatives during examination time as this may also distract their child’s attention. Parents must create the perfect study environment for their child free from all sorts of disturbance and distraction.

Pick and drop from exam centre:

Provide pick and drop assistance to your child during CBSE board exams

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During exams, parents should ensure that their child reaches the examination center in time. It is very important that during exams students should not worry about anything other than exams. Taking your child to the examination centre may be a memorable moment for you as well as your child.

While driving their child to examinations centre parents can also motivate him or her with magical phrases mentioned above and while coming home, parents can discuss the paper.

To sum up

Exam time is the most stressful time in a student’s life especially for those who are appearing for the first time in board exams. But this time period can be most enjoyable and memorable time if a child gets 360o support from his or her parents.

Parental support in the examination is important and plays an important role in overall performance of their child. In order to achieve better result parents can follow these tips before exams.

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