Should siblings attend the same school?

When siblings are attending same school at same time there is every possibility of them being compared or evaluated using each other as the yardstick. Here we try to assess situations where sibling rivalry and sibling revelry are synchronized.


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Siblings studying in same school
Siblings studying in same school

There are many instances when siblings or cousins attend the same school in same class, batch, stream, or otherwise. Having kids in the same school is both beneficial and a bit of dilemma.

Most parents find it favourable to have their kids in the same school as this means that their children will be together in each other’s company and provide support, emotional or any other, to either one. They also keep a watch on the other thus making sure that the other one does not go astray or lose focus from studies or get into bad habits.

The elder sibling, who is senior at the school, is well-versed with the structure, staff, faculty, facilities, and other details about the school which can be shared with the younger one which will help him at the fresher level itself.

If the elder one is relatively more outgoing, extrovert, self-confident, good in studies and sports etc., the younger one can get inspired and improve himself according to his own choice and interest.

As the siblings are from the same family everything that goes on in the house is known to them hence they are aware of the happenings and would be least disturbed or bothered at different times. 

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Since the elder sibling has dealt with most of the departments and situations at school he can pass on the critical information to the younger one saving his time and efforts in knowing the same. This will let the parents understand if the younger one complains about something at school as the elder one will explain it to them. In fact, they can even suggest really good solutions.

But then if two siblings are in the same school it might create different kinds of unwanted conflicts. Parents, teachers, friends, and others might start drawing comparisons between the two thereby leading to tension and unpleasant situations. It will only hurt the pride and self-esteem of the sibling concerned and be stretched at home resulting in a strained relationship between the two.

The other problem that might surface is that there might be a clash between the individualities of the two and their own unique identities might suffer. This has the potential to lead to sibling rivalry. This is especially true in the case of academic performances. If one sibling performs better than the other there would be extra, unwanted pressure on the other to match up to his performance.  


There is nothing more important than the best possible upbringing and well-being of children hence parents should make sure that they treat their children at an individual level without any comparison with the other child. Let your kids enjoy their school time in each other’s company and develop their own personalities.

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