Success or happiness - what is more important?

In this article we will be discussing on the debate topic Success is more important than happiness. This is very important to teach the school students from starting that what is actual happiness. Here we have discussed the topic from both aspects that is success is more important than happiness and vice versa.

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There have been a lot of discussions, studies, and surveys about whether children should be moulded to achieve success at all costs or should they be conditioned to value happiness most, even more than their careers and other related achievements, or lack of them.

Success is more important than happiness

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The broader belief is that there are people who want to be happy, and there are others who want to be successful. In between, there is a big dispute between the two schools of thought riding on the argument that success and happiness are relative and corresponding to each other.

Success is more important than happiness: Success is the first and foremost goal of life and one should always be focussed on achieving this goal even if it means sacrificing all your hobbies, interests etc. Once you are successful you can take up hobbies and your areas of interest as then you will be much ahead in your career and with a strong social presence with name, fame, and money.

Right from the childhood parents should make sure that their child is always concentrating on studies and studies alone, and not deviating to other unimportant things like sports, television, hobbies, hanging out with friends etc. It is during childhood that students should inculcate the strict regimen which will help later, most preferably in higher classes starting from class 9 up till class 12.  

As students of class 9 onwards will be clear of their objective they will work hard to achieve it without thinking about any other thing. Happiness is a temporary emotion but success is something which will sustain and support you all the way through.

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Happiness is more important than success: There is no doubt that success is a very important part of life, but happiness is a priceless emotion. In fact, it is believed that people who are happy achieve much more than those who keep a serious, sober demeanour. So, it is very much applicable that happiness quotient plays a fundamental role in achieving success of any kind and at any stage.

Children should be encouraged by their parents and teachers to enjoy their lives while they study. They should participate in sports and extracurricular activities, enjoy with their friends and family. These activities will greatly help in developing their personalities and make them better and accomplished human beings.

People who achieve success, if are not happy then they are missing on the joys of life and the very joy of achieving success if they can’t feel good or joyful about it. There will be emptiness, a vacuum in their lives if they can’t relish their accomplishments.

What you want to achieve in life can be achieved without giving up on the very basic feelings that Almighty has blessed us with then why should one act like a machine that neither takes delight in doing things nor celebrates even the small successes of life?

Success and happiness are directly related but running only after material entities is not a way to live because life is meant to be lived fully.

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