Reasons why internships are must for college students

Still struggling to decide whether or not to do internships? Here, are some reasons as to convince you why you must do them without delay.

Nov 17, 2017, 15:55 IST
Reasons why internships are must for college students
Reasons why internships are must for college students

College life is a new beginning, a new phase in any student's life. With more freedom and more responsibility it is mostly about experimenting and finding their calling in life. But it is also about laying for themselves a strong foundations for the life after college. Short listing the right career fields and jobs is yet another major responsibility weighing on their shoulders. But the best part about being a college student is that they have time to experiment and decide what interests them the most.

Doing internships is a very crucial part of that procedure of finding the right kind of job and career field for themselves. Internships helps them gain valuable experience required to set foot in the highly competitive job market today. The earlier you start with internships the more time you'd have to try out different fields and a great amount of skill and experience to showcase in your resume at the time of your first actual job interview. Doing internships holds a lot of benefits for college students, let's have a look at some of them here.

Why do internships?

Practical Application of Classroom Knowledge

Classroom knowledge in even a great many prestigious institutes is mostly theoretical knowledge. There is only so much that you can learn in a classroom setting. Your professors can provide you with theory, concepts and some basic skills required for your chosen career field. But you'd still be lacking in real-world application of your learning. And in the highly competitive job market today practical knowledge of concepts can prove to be a game turner during your job interviews. Internships give you time and space to apply and test your theoretical knowledge into practical real life applications.

Clarify Career Goals

Internships help you gain insight into the kind of work and the industry that you are planning to join on. Every job and every organization has a unique work structure. Internships help you define whether or not a particular company and work profile are right for you or not. One can think of internships like test driving a car before finalizing with the purchase.


When you enter the professional work space in today's time having the right kind of connections is very important. A lot of job openings today are filled on the basis of referrals. Thus, having a connection within the company or the industry you want to work can prove to be very beneficial. But as a college student how to do make professional connection? The answer is simple, 'internships'. What better place could be to make professional contacts than in a professional setting? These people have seen your work and are aware of your talents and skills. The right connections can be very helpful in landing the next internship or even a job offer.

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Best entry way to prestigious companies

Who doesn't have a dream company that they want to work in? And in how many instances would that company not be one of the most prestigious one in its field. How difficult and tedious the hiring process of these companies is no secret at all. And if someone wants to get a position in these early on their career interning with the company is one of the best ways to ensure that. So, the chance to secure an internship at some big organization can be a turning point your life.

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Gain Valuable Experience

Employers today are always on the outlook for candidates who have some degree of professional experience with them. Most employers are skeptical of employing students fresh out of college with no understanding of professional work settings. Doing internships in college life helps students gain valuable experience and also hone their skills to somewhat match the expectations of their employers. The bigger the name of the organization that you have interned with the stronger your resume becomes at the time of job placements.

Transition to a full-time position

There have been many instances where internships have ended up as a full-time opportunity for students. A lot of big organizations run internship programs just to filter out potential candidates for entry level jobs. Why? The reason is quite simple, they have invested their time and resources in training you and if they feel that you have shown positive results they'd hire you.

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In Summation

Internships have a great many benefits for students. So why wait on, till the final years of college life to apply for one. Why not start early on and gain some valuable experience on your hands. And what more motivation would one require than the prospect of having an internship turn out into a full-time job offer.  For more such articles on internships, resume writing and more about college life, please visit Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below. Liked this article? Please share it among your friend and peers to help them get started with their preparations for finalizing on the right job in future.

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