UPSC IAS 2022: Why Don’t Candidates Clear UPSC Civil Services Exam in Their 1st Attempt?

UPSC Civil Services Exam is attempted by millions every year but only a few become IAS officers every year. Do you know why candidates do not clear the exam on their 1st attempt? Find out the reason for the candidate's failure in UPSC CSE below. 

UPSC CSE: Reason for Failure
UPSC CSE: Reason for Failure

UPSC Civil Services exam is not just a competitive exam in India. It is an emotion. Many candidates who are selected would tell you stories about how their fathers used to motivate them to become a “Collector” someday and save the family from the rain of troubles like Lord Krishna lifted his little finger to uplift the Govardhan. So since childhood, many of us wish to become the messiah of the family and what better than becoming an IAS to do so?

However, not many of us succeed in achieving this messiah aka Collector status in 1 attempt. Have you given the reason for this a thought?

Here in this article, we would tell you the reason that hinders many from becoming an IAS in 1 attempt. Check the details below. 

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UPSC IAS 2022: Why Candidates Fail In 1st Attempt?

  • Candidates Make A Mountain Out Of A Mole:

Those who wish to become IAS officers make this wish of theirs bigger than the largest mountains. This is why it seems so difficult to be achieved. The candidates make clearing UPSC CSE their only dream and start taking the pressure of the exam. The candidates are advised to keep calm and attempt the exam like any other competitive exam. 

  • Candidates' Parents Create Pressure: 

The parents of candidates find UPSC CSE as their only boat left on the ship of Life. The child is brought up hearing and telling stories about someone’s son being an officer which creates unwanted pressure on him. Even if one does not wish to pursue UPSC Civil Services, one is forced to because of the wishes of his/her parents. This creates an unsatisfied list of attempts and failures. 

  • No Grip Over Syllabus:

Many candidates fail to understand the syllabus of UPSC CSE in their first attempt which is why they fail. You must understand that if you do not follow the syllabus to the word, you are bound to fail. UPSC never asks anything beyond the syllabus. Students refer to the older versions of the syllabus many times which leads to failure and obsolete answer writing mechanisms. 

  • Too Many Books Spoil The Attempt:

Students tend to follow every book in the market or suggested to them, which causes a flood of resources without any reason and result. This leads to terrible nervousness at the time of the exam because there is no revision possible with many books for one subject at all. Students fail due to this reason in their first attempt. 

  • Not understanding one’s interest: 

If one does not understand his/her interest, the optional subject exam is bound to be failed. No matter what, you must choose the optional only as per your interest as you have to study it, not the one who is suggesting you. You must also try to plan your syllabus study as per your interest in various subjects. 

  • Following other strategies:

Follow your own strategy. It can never fail. Man only fails when he tries to imitate others. Do not attempt to do that. Get an idea and inspiration from others but do not blindly follow what other people did to succeed in UPSC CSE. 

The above-mentioned reasons are chosen based on the failures in the first attempts of various people who have later qualified UPSC CSE after striking out these mistakes. You can qualify UPSC in the first attempt if you don't lose your confidence and do not over expect of yourself. 

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