Your cheat-sheet for life in a college hostel

Hostel life is not all friends and fun. It has many challenges and rules & regulations to follow. Here are some tips to help you prepare for it beforehand.

Created On: Nov 13, 2017 15:52 IST
Your cheat-sheet for life in a college hostel
Your cheat-sheet for life in a college hostel

Hostel life is one of the most exciting thought for majority of college students. They are of the belief that hostel life is all fun and parties with friends. Freedom, friends and no boundaries that what it seems at first but that's not all. In reality, hostel life is more bounding that life at home. There are many rules and restrictions from curfew timings to meal hours. Students also have to abide to many disciplinary rules and have a very less personal space.

It is important that students prepare themselves beforehand for life in a hostel. As for some, hostel life may also come as a big challenge. To help ease the process for students preparing themselves for a hostel life here are some pointers on life in a hostel that they should keep in mind.

Hostel Rules and Regulations  

When staying at hostel students have to follow a certain set of rules and regulations as per the hostel norms. The hostel wardens are responsible for ensuring proper implementation of the rules and the safety of the students. Like staying out late or leaving your room after a particular time at night or showing up late during meal hours are some things that are unacceptable. The wardens will warn you at any miscreant behavior however, repeated offence would lead to actions such as informing your parents of your errant behavior and in very serious offences even expulsion.

Maintaining Decorum In Your Room  

Most of the students believe that when moving out of home to live in hostel they would no longer have to worry about keeping the room is clean. But in reality it is quite the opposite. In most hostel the rooms are on twin sharing basis, so the room isn't entirely yours. You have to keep in mind your roommates requirements and concerns also. You need to be organized and keep your things in an orderly manner so that they don't get mixed up with those of your roommate. You are expected to behave responsibly and in a mature manner.

Learn Punctuality

Gone are the days when your parents would ensure that you wake up on time. In hostel, you are on your own there is no one to wake you up on time. And if you don't you'd miss out on lectures or early morning practices if you have any. Self discipline and sincerity are the two major attributes that students need to learn to survive a life in a hostel.        

Cleanliness & Hygiene is a must

The days when you'd just throw your dirty clothes around the room and your mom would pick them up, wash them and place them in your wardrobe are long behind you. In hostel no one would wash your clothes for you, you'd need to do that yourself. Also, since you share the room now with your roommate you can't just throw your dirty clothes on floor anymore. Maintaining personal hygiene is very important when living a hostel life.

Safety Comes First

When living in hostel your safety and security are majorly taken care of by the hostel warden and guards. And to do so they put certain rules for you to abide by. But to follow and abide by them is solely your responsibility. Always be on alert when staying in hostel, report any suspicious activity to your warden or any other authority figure. Don't be over friendly with the guards or strangers and always stick to the hostel curfew hours.

Remember Health is Wealth

When living in hostel there is no mom who'd run behind you making sure that you eat properly, have healthy food or make you your favorite dishes. In hostel you have to make do with whatever is made in the mess. There is of course always an option to eat out but for long would you eat out moreover, it's not a very healthy option. Make sure you eat your meals on time and consume healthy food. If possible keep an electric kettle and induction plate to cook small items when craving for food at odd hours.

Proper Study Schedules

College life isn't like that of school where your teachers provide you with notes. You have to make them on your own and that means not missing out on classes. Make sure that you are regular in your classes and prepare for yourself a study schedule for studying regularly. Also, it would be hard to find a peaceful place to study in hostel. With so many people around there are bound to be distractions. You need to find your way around that. Have fun with friends but also make sure that your studies don't suffer in the process.

Follow these simple rules and regulations to ensure a great hostel life. Living away from home in a hostel may pose many challenges but it prepares you for life ahead. It makes you more disciplined and responsible in your approach towards things. These attributes come in very handy in later life when you'd eventually have to move cities and live away from your parents maybe because you got a job in another town or just simply because you want to be independent. For more such interesting articles on college life and related topics please visit

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