Sri Lanka Economic Crisis - 36 Hour Curfew Imposed: How did the country get here, who is helping?

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: Sri Lankan Government has imposed 36-hour curfew across the country amid rising unrest in the island nation, with only essential services allowed to step out from Saturday evening to Monday Morning. Get Details Here.

Gaurav Macwan
Apr 2, 2022, 19:46 IST
Sri Lanka Economic Crisis - 36 Hour Curfew Imposed
Sri Lanka Economic Crisis - 36 Hour Curfew Imposed

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: Amid rising unrest across the country due to the ongoing Economic Crisis, the Sri Lankan Government has announced a 36-hour curfew across the country. The announcement regarding the imposition of curfew came following the declaration of Public Emergency by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa following an attempt by protestors to storm the president's home in anger amid the worst economic crisis being faced by the country since its independence.

Why is a curfew imposed in Sri Lanka?

As per media reports, the Sri Lankan Government has imposed a curfew to prevent ongoing protests across the country. The curfew will be imposed from 6 PM Saturday to 6 AM Monday. During the period of curfew, Sri Lankans won't be allowed to step out unless for emergency or essential needs.

— Saiyaf Lafir Madani (@saiyafs) April 2, 2022

From When and till When Curfew will be implemented in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan Government has imposed a nationwide curfew from 6 PM on Saturday will 6 AM on Monday. The key reason for the imposition of a curfew is to stime any of the planned mass anti-government protests which began after food, fuel and medicines went in short supply across the country.

What is the reason for Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka?

According to reports which have come in from the island nation, the economic crisis in Sri Lanka has been sparked by an acute shortage of foreign currency which has impacted its balance of payments. Currently, Sri Lanka has extremely low reserves of foreign currency, which is unable to pay for even most essential imports. The economic crisis has impacted 22 million people across the country. The economic crisis in the island nation intensified further because of COVID-19 pandemic which impacted the tourism industry and remittances from foreign countries.

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Why are there blackouts in Sri Lanka?

The island nation is facing its worst economic crisis leading to shortages of key essential commodities, including fuel and power. Over 22 million people of the island nation has been suffering through severe power cuts extending up to 13 hours per day due to poor power generation.

In terms of power generation, 40% of the electricity of the country is produced through hydroelectric power plants, but this year due to bad monsoon, most of the reservoirs of these plants are running low. The second source of electricity production is oil and coal, both of which are imported by Sri Lanka. But currently due to the lack of foreign currency it has not been able to procure it.

What is Public Emergency Imposed in Sri Lanka by Gotabaya Govt?

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared a state of Public Emergency across the country on Friday following an attempt to storm into the President’s house as part of the ongoing protests. During a public emergency, special powers are given to the law enforcement agencies to arrest and detain suspects for long periods without trial. The declaration of public emergency in Sri Lanka comes as protests erupted across the country calling for the ouster of Gotabaya Govt. Protests emerged in the Northern and Southern regions of the country including in the southern towns of Galle, Matara and Moratuwa.

Is India offering any help to Sri Lanka to tide over the Crisis?

Currently, India has extended a fuel Line of Credit (LOC) which is $500 million, which is being implemented under which the island nation has already received some supplies of essential commodities. As part of this LOC, three consignments have been delivered while the fourth one is on its way and will reach Sri Lanka on Saturday. On similar lines, India has also extended food aid to Sri Lanka and Indian traders will be sending 0,000 tonnes of rice to the country under a credit line offered by New Delhi.

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