Brain Teaser: Can you spot Santa Claus carrying sack bursting with cash in this mind boggling image

Brain Teaser Puzzle: Spot the hidden Santa Claus with heaviest gift bag in this caboodle? Take the challenge to test your alertness and consciousness. This image puzzle challenge will help your brain to discover new solutions to problems, boosting critical thinking skills.
Can you spot the Santa Claus carrying sack bursting with cash?
Can you spot the Santa Claus carrying sack bursting with cash?

Idle or at a gathering, solving brain teasers are the best way to make the most of time. Brain teasers are basically a form of puzzle which requires different levels of creativity and not mathematical equations eternally. Everyone who is competitive in nature and holds a heart for fun and friends, brain teasers are them. And if you raised your arm then spot Santa Claus carrying the sack bursting with cash among the other Christmas fathers. Your Time Starts Now !

Can you spot the heaviest money sack in the crowd ?


Brain teasers require an unconventional way of thinking, however sometimes it also involves good quantitative persuasion. In contrast to the above image, you have to spot the hidden cow. Though the answer is just in front of you, the whole frame and use of similar tones and hues makes it difficult. Just focus on the minute details as the difference will be just of ear, mouth, moustache or eyes.

Yes, It will be difficult as the name says, i.e brain teaser but do not look for an answer before you try it twice.

Also, find the stupid person in this image to test your IQ level?

Look for the Brain Teaser answer here:

A brain teaser is essentially a thinking puzzle, using logic to find the answer. So, with every attempt you improve your thinking and decision making skills. The brain game also helps to discover new solutions along with boosting critical thinking skills. 

The goal for you is to find the sack with bursting cash in this head-scratching image puzzle.  In this festive puzzle sweeping on the web, you have to spot the Father Christmas carrying a bag full of cash among the sea of Santas. The trickiest part is, all the santa figures are identical, matching hats and brown bags, except for their coats being different shades of red.

And adding more difficulties all the Christmas Fathers are holding similiar colour sacks overflowing with green presents- alike to shade of cash.


Enough of suspense and the low-key music in the background, now let’s jump to the answer.

As you can see, the maze is divided into 15 columns and 11 rows, which means there are a  total of 165 Santa Claus. Also the Santa Claus crowd is divided into rows of red santa claus and maroon santa claus.To find the sack full of money simply go through the maze for once and look for change in the bags. Kudos if you successfully spot Santa Claus with sack bursting money and if not then check the ninth row down and the thirteenth column. Here’s the super rich half mustache Santa next to other Christmas fathers . 

You striked before me, I know !

Had fun? The above brain teaser required just a simple check of your observational skill. Keep indulging in more of these to improve your cognitive skills along with problem solving skills, memory sharpness. Also stay tuned, to enjoy more of these pictographic riddles.

Before your leave, please help the passengers with the direction of the bus!

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