Here is an informative optical illusion story for you! Find the hidden frog in this picture.

Today, we do not only wish to entertain you, but we also aspire to educate you. This story will challenge you to find the hidden frog in just 20 seconds, while also telling you a thing or two about the blue-green algae.
Find the hidden frog!
Find the hidden frog!

Have you ever been crossed by a stagnant water body?

What does it look like? If the water is fresh, it will perhaps look like the most beautiful vision you have ever come across recently. 

However, let the water be there, untouched, for weeks and months and you will find some blue-green patches resting over the water that was once crystal clear.

What are these patches?

Well, they are called blue-green algae. They are actually a form of bacteria. These patches occur naturally in freshwater.

Do these patches have any use? Or are they simply of no use?

Well, these ugly-looking patches are actually a very crucial aspect of a healthy water body.

The blue-green algae offer oxygen and are a great source of food for specific aquatic animals.

Just like the blue-green algae is commonly found in stagnant water, other things can also be seen in such an ecosystem. 

Well, we are talking about the tiny animals that quench their thirst for water with the help of such water bodies. 

One such animal is the frog, and today, we want you to look for a hidden frog in this optical illusion image.

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The rules

The rules are pretty straightforward, but demand you to be honest with yourself. 

Simply set a timer for 10 seconds, well, we know you are tired of looking at being in a stressful mode, thus, let's keep it for 20 seconds.

So you have 20 seconds to find the hidden frog. Once you set the timer, start it and have a deep look at the image.

Find the hidden frog in 20 seconds


Image source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Could you hear the frog croak?

Were you able to spot the frog?

Well, here it is!

Image source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Hurray! You managed to find the frog and learn a few things about the blue-green algae.  That's too much work for today, let's try some more optical illusion tests, and brain teasers by Jagran Josh.


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