Math Riddles IQ Test: Can You Find The Missing Numbers?

Only smart people are able to find the missing numbers in these math riddles. Will you be able to find them? Test your smartness with this math puzzle.
Math Riddles IQ Test: Can You Find The Missing Numbers?
Math Riddles IQ Test: Can You Find The Missing Numbers?

Math riddles are not for everyone. They need a great deal of critical and analytical thinking and are difficult, intriguing, and thought-provoking. They might first seem difficult, but once you figure them out, the satisfaction is unequalled. Math puzzles are available to individuals of all ages, kids and adults alike.

This math riddle will put your logical thinking and reasoning skills to the test. 

Are you ready to solve it?

Math Riddles IQ Test: Can You Find The Missing Numbers? 

There are 3 riddles presented to you.

You have to find the missing number(s) in all of the three riddles. Challenge yourself and set a timer to 13 seconds, and try to find the answers to these riddles within the allotted time. 

Best of luck!

Math Riddle #1 

Let’s start with an easy one.


Math Riddle #2 

We are getting there.


Math Riddle #3

We challenge you to solve this riddle in 13 seconds or less.



Math Riddle Answers

You must have figured out the answers by now.

Still, we are going to reveal the answers so you can cross-check your calculations.

Math Riddle #1 

Multiply the numbers in the first row of the table, and you will get the second row (diagonal) as the answer.

3x2= 6; 4x2=8 

=> 6x2=12; 8x2=16

=> 12x2=24

Similarly, 16x2=32

Hence, the missing number is 32. 

Math Riddle #2 

Pay attention to the colors in this riddle w.r.t the 2 in the middle. 

Let's look at the red color first.


Moving on to blue, 36x2=72

Similarly, let the missing yellow number be y, then



Let the missing green number be g, then



Hence, the missing numbers are:

Yellow= 21, green=112

Math Riddle #3

In this riddle, the numerical signs are hidden.

So, (6x6)-(6=6)=24



Similarly, (8x8)-(8+8)=48

Hence, the missing number is 48.

We hope that you had fun with this math riddle.

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