Nail Colour Personality Test: What Does Your Nail Colour Say About Your Personality?

Are you a red person or do you prefer purple? Your nail polish colour can reveal a lot about your personality. Read on to discover how.
Nail Colour Personality Test
Nail Colour Personality Test

People have been painting their nails since ancient times. Colourfully painted nails were common among members of high society in ancient China and Egypt. Nail polish has now become an essential part of a makeup kit.

While it’s women who mostly paint their nails, men are stepping up as well. However, painting nails is not just about looking pretty. It is also linked to religious and cultural beliefs. The colour you choose to paint your nails with can also reveal what type of person you are. Some folks prefer red, while others go for something darker, like navy or charcoal.

According to studies, the colour of your nails can determine your personality, whether you are an introvert, an extrovert, or a bit of both. Dive in to find out how your personality is linked to your favourite nail polish colours. This personality test covers all the major colours and the personality traits associated with them.

What Does Your Nail Colour Say About Your Personality?

1. Red Colour Nails

Red painted nails

Red is the most popular and preferred colour of nail polish out there. Classic, bold, and appropriate for most situations and skin tones, red colour nail polish is a must-have for any make-up enthusiast. But what do red-coloured nails signify?

If you like to wear red shade on your nails, you are a highly confident and cheerful person. There’s barely anything that can dampen your moods. You are independent and deeply ambitious. You don’t shy away from exploring new things and love to experiment. You are also quite daring and glamorous.

2. Purple Colour Nails

purple colour nails

Preferring to wear purple is an indicator of introversion. If you like purple or any shade of it, you are a cool and calm individual. You are confident and bold but also value your privacy. You are highly creative and aren’t afraid to showcase it either. You don’t fear judgement and love to challenge yourself. However, if you like a lighter shade of purple or perhaps even lavender, you are gentler, politer, and laid back.

3. Pink Colour Nails

pink colour nails

Pink is a typical sign of femininity. If your nails are often painted pink, you are empathetic and caring. You are also warm and easy to get along with. You love to hang out with new people and radiate elegance wherever you go. You are ambitious and can also be quite fierce if the need arises. And like in other cases, if you like the softer shades, you lie on the introverted side. However, pink lovers are naturally lively and friendly with people.

4. White Colour Nails

White colour nails

The colour white symbolises calmness. So, if you like to wear a white shade on your nails, you are likely a patient and quiet person. You stay calm most of the time and rarely lose your temper. You have an intense emotional side as well, but nothing too out in the open. You are also logical and meticulous. You like order and routine in your daily life and aren’t a big fan of spontaneity.

5. Nude Colour Nails

Nude colour nails

Nude is the go-to nail polish colour for people who are neutral in every aspect. If you like nude colours over others, you have a variable personality. You don’t hover at the extremes of any type of behaviour but show signs of all. You love going out and partying but also spending time alone. You are geared up for all situations and are an "anything, anywhere, anytime" type of person. However, one trait that’s dominant in you is protectiveness. You don’t let your guard down easily.

6. Artistic or Glittery Nails

artistic colour nails

Do your nails look like they’ve been painted by a professional artist? If so, you have a unique and rare personality. Your creativity knows no bounds and you love to show off your talents. You also like to take care of yourself and are willing to spend considerable time and effort to look your best all the time. The type of art you choose also reveals your personality. Polka dots and French tips are common among outgoing individuals, while animals and floral art are usually seen among more emotional and reserved people.

7. Black Colour Nails

Black colour nails

Black or any shade of it is a sign of power and authority. If you love to rock black-coloured nails, you are a dominant and authoritative person. You are the first to take charge in situations and prefer to lead rather than follow. You are also creative and confident. You don’t back off from a challenge and possess a rebellious nature. Black and navy colours are also the preferred choice of artistic people when it comes to choosing nail polish.

8. Bright Colour Nails

Bright colour nails

Bright colours like neon, cyan, or even yellow and orange are signs that that person is extremely energetic. If you love to wear brighter colours on your nails, you are full of enthusiasm and remain in high spirits most of the time. You are a typical extrovert who thrives on social interaction. You are also full of ideas, most of which are always quite unconventional, and you think outside the box. Bright colours also signify youthfulness and spontaneity.

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