Handshake Personality Test: What Does Your Handshake Say About You?

Do you have a firm handshake or a lanky one? The way you shake hands with people can reveal a lot about your personality. Keep reading to find out how.
Handshake Personality Test
Handshake Personality Test

Greetings! Greetings! Greetings! Everywhere you go these days, soft skills come in handy. And one of the most common and professional forms of greeting is the handshake. No matter your race, gender, or culture, a handshake is the universally accepted greeting gesture when you meet someone new.

Even when you come across a familiar face, shaking their hand is usually the norm, especially among men. A handshake also serves as a parting gesture. And did you know that the quality of your handshake speaks volumes about your personality? Studies have found links between handshakes and personality traits like introversion and extroversion. Dive in to find out what your handshake reveals about your personality.

What Does Your Handshake Say About Your Personality?

1. Firm Handshake

Firm Handshake

If you grip the other person’s hands like you grip a dumbbell, you have a firm handshake. This type of handshake is more common in men than in women but is a unique trait in both genders. A firm handshake indicates that you are dominant, assertive, and open-minded. Shyness is a virtue distant to you. You are confident and comfortable dealing with other people. There are high chances that you are a typical extrovert although you could also be an ambivert. You like adventures and are an outgoing person. You are also ambitious, determined, and like to take charge of situations.

2. Floppy Handshake

Weak Handshake

If your hand feels like a water balloon during a handshake, you have a floppy or limp handshake. It indicates that you are not interested in the other person. A firm handshake is also common among introverts, shy and submissive people. If you tend to stay away from parties, keep to yourself, and are generally a reserved person, chances are you also have a limp handshake. You are also prone to judgement and are a worrier. You suffer from bouts of insecurity and prefer to stay on the sidelines.

3. Rushed Handshake

Rushed Handshake

Some people shake hands like they’re about to miss a flight. Are you always in a hurry and your handshakes are usually quite frantic? It could point towards your eagerness and enthusiasm. But you could also be anxious or really about to miss your flight. However, if you frequently rush through handshakes, it means you are in discomfort and would rather prefer to be somewhere else.

4. Both Hands Handshake

Both Hands Handshake

Both hands handshake also called a politician’s handshake, is one of the more polite greetings out there. If you shake someone’s hand and place your other hand on top as well, it means that you are a respectful, warm, and compassionate individual. You treat others with dignity and value honesty and trust over everything else. However, you are also a demanding person and don’t just do favours for nothing in return.

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That’s all for now. Hopefully, you liked our handshake personality test. Were you surprised that we correctly determined your personality just from your handshake? We’re glad if you were, but if you didn’t like it, don’t worry. These personality tests are just for fun. It’s difficult to accurately determine your personality 100 per cent. Stay tuned for more insightful and fun personality tests, and in the meantime, check out similar articles below.


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