Dream House Personality Test: What Does Your Dream House Say About Your Personality?

Is your dream house a penthouse, or are you a cabin-in-the-woods type of person? The house of your dreams can reveal a lot about your personality. Read on to find out how.
Dream House Personality Test: What Does Your Dream House Say About Your Personality
Dream House Personality Test: What Does Your Dream House Say About Your Personality

Every adult wishes to own his or her own house someday. A place of shelter, security, warmth, and fond memories, a house is an essential component in one’s life. That’s why people put so much effort into building it.

But do you know that your dream house and personality traits are closely interlinked? Yes, the type of house you choose, be it an isolated cabin in the woods or a buzzy apartment in the city, depends on your personality.

We’re here with a fun personality test centered on your dream house. Do you prefer to live on a ranch? Or in a penthouse?  Or perhaps on a beach? Dive in to find out what your dream house says about your personality.

Dream House Personality Test: What Does Your Dream House Say About Your Personality?

1. Forest Cabin

Forest Cabin

Tired of traffic, the noise, and the general hubbub of city life? A secluded forest cabin is for those seeking some peace and quiet in their lives. If you are such a person, you are a typical introvert. You are soft-spoken and tend to stay quiet most of the time. You dislike noise and people’s chatter but are not an insensitive individual. In fact, you are surprisingly compassionate and empathetic to others. So much so, that people form deep and meaningful relationships with you. You are creative and have a flair for the arts. You are also an idealist and use your emotions while making decisions.

2. Penthouse


Gazing down from a 100-storey building is nerve-wracking for most, but some daredevils wish to forever live at such heights. Nowadays, you even have infinity pools, the ones without an edge, half a mile above the ground. If such a lifestyle resonates with you, it’s likely that you are a typical extrovert. You are outgoing, lively, and generous. You are full of energy and enjoy spending time with others. You are ambitious, charismatic, and a natural leader. You are also outspoken, organized, and excellent at making decisions.

3. Beach House

Beach House

If you often imagine yourself waking up with the rising sun and relishing the gentle, cool sea breeze every day, you are a rare breed. If you favour a house by the sea, chances are that you are peace-loving, kind and fall somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert. You are friendly but take a while to get close to others. You are also quite sensitive and possess a relaxed, easygoing attitude. You don’t worry too much about things and tend to live in the present. You are also creative and an adventurer at heart.

4. Mansion


Do you dream of a luxurious and huge mansion in the countryside, with more servants and caretakers than your family members? If so, then you are a giver. You are an extrovert at heart but prefer to form long and intimate relationships with people. You tend to show off your achievements but are always considerate of others’ feelings. You love parties and meeting new people. Your generosity knows no bounds but you can also get bored of others easily. You are an optimistic, enthusiastic and impulsive person.

5. Suburban Home

Suburban House

Do you wish to live a simple life in the city suburbs in a house with a front yard and garage and enough space for a family of four? You are a content person who doesn’t seek many adventures. You are happy with life and have a positive outlook on life. You are caring, empathetic, and easy to get along with. You are also honest and hard-working. You win over people easily and form strong relationships with others. But sometimes you can appear rude due to your outspoken nature. You love your family, enjoy work, and do your best with what’s given to you. You are also very responsible, logical, and value loyalty over other things.

6. Farmhouse


If you dream of spending your life in a distant yet comfy farmhouse, looking after your family, catering to animals, and growing crops, you are one of the rarest people on Earth. You are humble, calm, and highly confident. You follow the "work hard, play hard" ideology. You are also a headstrong individual who isn’t afraid of taking risks. You don’t shy away from exploring new things and keep personal feelings aside when making judgements. You are also quite reserved but easily open up to people with similar interests.


Did you like our dream house personality test? Don't forget to tell us in the comments. And check out the following articles for more fun and engaging personality tests.

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