Handwriting Personality Test: What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Everyone’s handwriting is unique. Some have unreadable handwriting, while others seem to have composed a painting. Your handwriting can reveal a lot about your personality. Read on to find out how.
Handwriting Personality Test
Handwriting Personality Test

Everyone possesses a unique handwriting and, with it, some unique personality traits. Studies have shown that an individual’s handwriting can reveal what type of person they are. There’s an entire science behind the process of determining a person’s character from their handwriting, called graphology.

However, it’s no easy task. Just because you have bad handwriting doesn’t mean you are or should be a doctor. There are several factors that affect the quality of someone’s handwriting. And we’re here with a list of a few such factors that determine your personality. Dive in to find out how.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

1. Cursive Handwriting

Cursive Handwriting

Cursive handwriting is an indicator of a free and uncluttered mind. If you have good handwriting, you keep a clear head most of the time. You are high-spirited, outgoing, and extroverted. Your beautiful handwriting also symbolises your inner beauty. You are a sympathetic, emotional and intuitive person.

2. Messy Handwriting

Messy handwriting

Are you barely even able to read your own handwriting? If you fall into this category, you need some organisation in your life. People with bad handwriting are extremely spontaneous and have short attention spans. Your mind keeps wandering often and you have a hard time concentrating on even daily tasks. You are creative and think unconventionally. Bad writing is also common among learned individuals like scientists and philosophers. However, not all is roses and sunshine with messy writers. Those with mental instability and low self-esteem also have bad handwriting.

3. Generously Spaced Handwriting

Wide Space Writing

Take a look at your handwriting. Does it have few connections and ample space between letters? If you use a generous amount of space between letters in your handwriting, you are an adventurer. You value freedom over everything else and stay away from crowds. You are also logical and methodical and make decisions carefully. However if your writing is connected but widely spaced, it means you keep people at bay even though you don’t want to be alone.

4. Small Handwriting

Small Handwriting

If you write small letters, you are a typical introvert. You are shy, reserved, and prefer to be left alone. You stay away from social gatherings and are a daydreamer. You are a meticulous person who works best when given privacy. You are also detail oriented and quite introspective.

5. Large Handwriting

Large Handwriting

You are fond of grand gestures and have a big heart. You are generous and like to throw parties more than attending them. You love being the center of attention and crave social interaction. You act confidently and are carefree in nature. You also have a big friend circle and like to have your own way.

6. Heavy Pressure Handwriting

Heavy Pressure Writing

If you apply heavy pressure while writing, you possess a dominant and assertive personality. You are a social person who loves to meet new people. You make friends easily and leave good first impressions. But you also have high standards and demand loyalty and respect from others. You are uptight in nature and find it difficult to change your attitude for others’ sake. You also have a certain intensity to you and are a forgive-but-never-forget type of a person.

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Did you learn something new about yourself with our handwriting personality test? Be sure to tell us in the comments. And stay tuned for more such personality tests in the future. In the meantime, read similar articles on personality tests below.

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