Nanotechnology Research Centers In India

General Knowledge Lists: The list of Nanotechnology Research Centers In India.
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Following is the list of Nanotechnology Research Centers In India:



 S.No. Nanotechnology Research Center
Year Of Estb.
 1  Bhabha Atomic Research Center
 Mumbai  1954 To fulfill its mandate of indigenous nuclear power programme and various other applications of nuclear energy, etc.
 2  Center of Materials for Electronics Technology
 Pune  1990 To establish technology strength in electronics materials for the present and future industrial requirement.
 3  Central Electronics Research Institute
 Rajasthan  1953 Advanced research and development in Electronics.
 4  Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute
 1977 To provide scientific industrial research and development in the area of glass, ceramics and related materials that maximizes the economic, environmental and societal benefit for the people of India
 5  Central Scientific Instruments Organization
 Chandigarh  1959 Promotion, guidance and coordination of scientific and industrial research in India including other institutions and financing the specific research activities.
 6  Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE)
 1973 Research and development of detection and protection against toxic chemical and biological agent.
 7  Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences (IACS)
 1876 To foster high quality fundamental research in frontier disciplines of the basic sciences.
 8  Institute of Fundamental Research
 1945 To conduct research primarily in natural sciences, mathematics and theoretical computer science.
 9  National Center for Biological Sciences
 1892 To conduct fundamental research in the frontier areas of biology.
 10  National Chemical Laboratories
 Pune  1950 To conduct research, development and consultancy services in the related field of science.
 11  National Metallurgical Laboratory
 1950 Progressive enhancement of its resources, generation and acquisition of ‘Intellectual Property Assets' and strives to maximise the business of R&D meeting the customer requirements through maintenance of sustainable growth
 12  National Physics Laboratories
 New Delhi
 1947 To maintain standards of SI units in India and calibrates the national standards of weights and measures.
 13  Raman Research Institute
 Bangalore  1948  To conduct research in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Liquid Crystals, Theoretical Physics, Optics.
 14  Regional Research Laboratories
 Trivandrum  1961 To undertake externally funded projects and offers know-how, feasibility reports, analysis and testing facilities, consultancy and technical information services and human resource development in its various R&D Divisions.
 15  S. N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences (DST)
 Kolkata  1986 To foster, encourage and promote the growth of advanced studies in selected branches of basic
sciences, etc.
 16  Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
 Kolkata  1949 basic research and training in physical and biophysical sciences
 17  Solid State Physics Laboratory
 Delhi  1962 research in the field of Solid State Materials, Devices and Sub-systems.