What is China’s stand on the Russia and Ukraine crisis?

Does China wish to provide military support to Moscow in the drawn-out conflict? Let's dig deep into China's take on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.
What is China’s stand on the Russia and Ukraine crisis?
What is China’s stand on the Russia and Ukraine crisis?

U.S. Secretary of State Anatony Blinken stated in an interview that China considered offering ammunition and arms to Russia. This would be an involvement in the Kremlin’s war effort that the Secretary feels would be a “serious problem”.


Additionally, China does not criticize Russia for its actions with regard to Moscow. At the very same moment, the country firmly insists that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all the countries shall be sustained.

Now, the major concern is if China wishes to offer material support to Moscow owing to this philosophy.


Does China support Russia in the Ukraine war?

Ever since the beginning China has attempted to create a fine line on the Russian invasion. However, at several moments, this line has proved to be contradicted by its actions.

Firstly, China says Russia was rather compelled and provoked for getting into the action by NATO’s westward expansion. A few weeks prior to the invasion on Feb 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin was hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing for the opening of the Winter Olympics. During this moment, both sides shook hands and pledged their commitment to a “no limits” friendship. Since then, China has turned completely blind toward Western criticism and has upheld the pledge.


As per Mr. Blinken, China is aiming to have it both ways. Mr. Blinken makes a strong statement by saying that China is keeping is trying to publicly portray an image that is in support of Ukraine, but is privately in support of Russia. It has offered non-lethal assistance which directly aids and abets Russia's war efforts.


Is there any material support too to talk about?

Well, as of now, the support from China to Russia has only been political and rhetorical. This is evident in the case where Beijing aids to prevent efforts to condemn Moscow at the UN.  At a security conference held in Munich, Mr. Blinken shares his concerns over the possibility of China providing arms to Russia in the war against Ukraine. Linda Thomas, U.S. ambassador, also shares the same concerns.


What is China's take on the matter?


The Foreign Ministry of China made a statement following the meeting between Blinken and Wang saying that it has played a constructive role in the Ukraine issue by abiding by the principles, thereby promoting peace and conversations, ever since the beginning.

The Ministry clarifies that the China-Russia partnership "is established on the basis of non-alignment, non-confrontation, and non-targeting of third parties." The ministry also accuses the U.S, saying that the latter has been the fuel to the fire, with the intention of deriving profits.

While the statements sound diplomatic and show China's neutral stand, speculations on the country's activities still linger. However, it would be wrong to say that China has provided any direct help to the Russian military.

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