5 ways to get rid of exam result blues

Here are some tips to get rid of those exam blues and be more receptive for better, brighter future.

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5 ways to get rid of exam result blues
5 ways to get rid of exam result blues

The exam season is just around the corner. And if there is something that is more troubling for students than preparing for exams is the worry of how much marks will they score in them. Exam blues is a very legit phenomenon that college students experience at the end of every semester. But, does worrying about how much marks you'll get in exams really something worth investing your time in? Shouldn't you better spend that time doing something better like studying to ensure that you are able to memorize and understand the syllabus allocated for the next upcoming exam? If you study hard and are confident enough in your preparation for the exams then there is nothing that you will need to worry about. Good preparation is the key to getting good marks and enjoying a stress-free time during the examination season. Hence, here are some tips to help you to get rid of those exam blues

Take things lightly

Learning from the mistakes that you made in your previous exams is more important than the marks that you scored in them. The famous proverb, 'crying over spilled milk is of no use' fits quite aptly in this situation. It quite simple actually what's done is done. You have scored marks based on what you wrote in the answers sheets and now unless the teacher has completely forgotten to give you marks for the question, fussing over what marks you have received is of no use. You must try and analyze the mistakes that you have made and be determined not to repeat them in future. Also, these marks that you have scored now wouldn't matter in the long run. You need to be able to let things go and focus on more important things.

Indulge in your passion in the post exam season semester breaks

In most colleges, the semester breaks start right after the last exam of the students. You have plenty of time away from the busy schedule of college to devote to things that you enjoy doing. While most students spend this time relaxing at home and partying and meeting up with old friends this is not the best way to spend these holidays. Sure, everyone needs a break and time to relax but these holidays are far too long to just idle them away especially, the soon upcoming summer break. You must utilize this time to figure out your calling. Do internships, interact with people in the industry, take some extra classes like those of photography, website development, graphic designing or you could even learn to play an instrument. Traveling to different places too is a good use of these breaks. Do things that you enjoy and try to do things, learn and gain more knowledge in the field of your interest, the field where you are looking for career opportunities in your future.

Go for unconventional options

If getting out of comfort zone is something which excites you and you are ready to take that chance with your academic career as well, there are courses which can be can suit both, your interest and future as a professional. For a long time, students have had nothing but engineering and medical studies to choose between. This resulted in an unfulfilled life that was full of boring lectures and longer than necessary work hours. However, now thanks to technology and innovation, it is now possible for you to make a career out of almost every hobby and inclination. As far as academics are concerned, the 'lack of options' is a problem that is nearly non-existent now. Offbeat Courses like Flavour Chemistry and Museology are not only interesting but also pay well, beating the stereotypes attached to them. Try your hand at certificate courses in such subjects during the break times.

Seek professional help

If you are confused about what career to choose, you can go and seek professional help from career counselors. They will test your aptitude and based on that, tell you to pursue a certain course. This can be a great help because even if you don't end up getting a seat in the said college, you know what direction to work towards. This will also increase the chances of your parents getting convinced easily because the task of persuasion will be done by the counselor.

Stop comparing yourself with other students

Stop comparing yourself with your topper friend or that cousin who scored well in his/her exams. Be the best you can be. Remember, you are not part of the herd. You are an individual who has unique talents and gifts. Respect your inner talent and make the best of your skills, in whichever career you wish to pursue. You know yourself better than anyone else does. You know your skills more than anyone else does. Hone those skills to your benefit, explore where your aptitude lies and indulge in your passion because today you can make a career in almost every field imaginable.


There has been too much discussion about the futility of marks but the truth is that marks are important to get you what you want, at least academically. However, they are not important enough to stress so much that you lose your peace of mind. You must understand that you should focus more on understanding the concepts taught in class and if possible, try out their practical applications it will help you remember the concept better. Such methods are much better than simply mugging up things at exam time. Rote learning isn't an effective method of memorizing things when you are looking to remember them for a long time. Hope, the above mentioned tips will help you overcome exam blues and focus more on studying rather than worrying how much marks you'll get in the exams.

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