6 self-harming habits students should avoid in college

With no one physically around to guide students through the journey of college, chances of them swaying from the track to form self harming habits are high.

Some Bad Habits of College Students which could be avoided
Some Bad Habits of College Students which could be avoided

The newly found independence in college often leads to students experimenting with new things and trying out new experience. Sometimes these experiments also lead them to develop wrong or harmful habits over the period of time. Most of the times students move to different cities and there is no one to keep a check or advice  them. At start these things often seem as cool and most students attempt them as a thing that would ease their way into the group of the popular students on campus. A lot of these habits are addictive and once caught on they become quite hard to give up. Hence, in this article that we have discussed some things that you should refrain yourself from so as to avoid ruining your college experience.

Unhealthy eating  habits

Due to lack of money and time, college students end up eating junk food a lot more than healthy food options such as fruits and vegetables. Even during the late nighters that students put up to complete assignments and projects due the next morning often result in heavy consumption of oily or fatty foods. Consumption of junk food which is very common among college students is one of the major causes of obesity, increased stress levels and other lifestyle diseases among youngsters. Its advisable to look at healthier options such as fresh juice, milk, buttermilk, sprouts, etc.

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Irregular sleeping habits

Don't be surprised if your days turn into nights and nights turn into days, in college. It's quite common for students to have irregular sleeping patterns in college. But is it a healthy practice? No, surely not. Human body needs at least 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each day. In the attempt to be everywhere and the to get rid of the fear of missing out, students tend to stay awake for long hours depriving their body of the much needed sleep. Be mindful of the fact that tiring your body like this has serious health complications in the long run. To avoid that it is important that you follow a schedule and stick by it.


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It is highly likely that you will want to start consuming alcohol or smoke cigarettes in the company of people involved in such activities. Consuming alcohol is seen as a relaxation activity and students usually pick up such habits in college while watching their peers indulge in them. One hardly needs to state how harmful they are for our health or how adverse their effects are on our body in the long run. More often than not indulging in these activities leads to increased stress level among students and also affects their concentration and focusing abilities. If your parents find out about your participation in such things, it also leads to strained ties with family. But no matter what, in the end its only you who has to abstain from taking alcohol or smoking cigarettes others can only advice you on its ill effects to but abide by those advices is in your hands.

Binge surfing on the internet

Now this is something that we are all guilty of doing. It is difficult to resist oneself with so much interesting content online. More often than not, we end up spending too much time on the internet. This is especially harmful practice in college where this time can be spent doing something a lot more productive or useful. Internet is a great tool if put to the right use. And how you use it, it's all dependent on you. Refrain from wasting your time in mindless surfing and look for something that could help you sharpen your skills and add value to your resume.

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Laid back lifestyle

Assignments and tests take up so much of a student's time and energy that they don't feel like doing anything after the classes. In this scenario, spending time on the internet seems a lot more alluring than anything else because what's better than getting entertainment without having to move? And this off course is not good for your body. As it need some amount of activity every day. This laid back lifestyle is one of the major reasons of the lower immunity and falling ill on frequent basis among college students.

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Now that you are aware of these habits we hope that you will be more mindful of falling prey to them. And be more careful and take better care of yourself. College happens only once and you should try not to learn your lessons the hard way. For more such article on college students and life in college please visit, www.jagranjosh.com/college. Alternatively, you can also get them directly in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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