A Parallel Path to Success in JEE/ UPSEE/ WBJEE

A few tips for the students to create wonders out of their engineering exams preparations, by just adhering to the basics. This article is for the engineering aspirants.

Created On: Aug 16, 2016 21:16 IST

This is the time when all the engineering aspirants have started the engineering entrance preparation. In the new batches, some are repeaters. In this competition era, if you will not do a plan for your preparation then it becomes very tough to get a good score.

There are some tips to prepare yourself for the engineering entrance exams and these are suitable in a situation when you feel saturated.


Does it appear to your brains storage capacity is full and you are out of memory. Then my answer for all this is:

! STOP !

Stop thinking such nuisance in your mind. Remember, a human brain is much vast than any computer yet invented. Just sit back and relax for now is the time for smart work.

A few Do’s and Don’ts for the final minutes:

  • Select specific topics instead of swallowing up the entire syllabus at a go.
  • Consult question banks and refresher books and prepare your list of topics that needs special care.
  • Allot yourself time by preparing a schedule for your studies.
  • Try to make a written impression for everything that you learn by heart, for it comes in handy and also help the brain register faster.
  • Group discussions and knowledge sharing sessions always proves healthy for the overall intelligence boost. Try taking part on these.
  • Dietary requirements are needed care, eat at short intervals and try munching on light snacks and fruits. Food with high protein will boost your stamina. Go slow on caffeine intake and put a stop to junkies.
  • Yogic practice for 15 minutes a day is a must. Focus on diaphragmatic breathing and try to relax. Conscious breathing also works wonders. It is a particular method of balancing autonomous nervous system that affects stressful conditions.
  • Try to keep your study environments clean and tidy. Match an incense stick or keep a flower nearby as creates a sense of positive approach & helps build confidence.
  • Devote a sleep of atleast seven hours as it helps in proper functioning of the self.

Don’t just imagine your scores, not until you give your best in Exams. Too much imagination could lead to failure in moral thinking, adversely affecting your studies.

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