CBSE Board Assessment Exams: How to tackle stress?

In this article students can get the important tips to tackle the CBSE assessment exams.

This is the time when assessment exams are being conducted in schools. These exams are very important from the prospect of preparations for the set syllabus. Most of the students are facing problems in cracking the assessment exams, especially with extracurricular activities, like assessment of speaking and listening skills.

Given below are some tips to tackle the stress during examination period.

Dos & Don’ts

  • Take our 15 minutes every day for yourself and focus on diaphragmatic gasp and try to relax. Cognizant breathing also works marvel. It is a meticulous method of harmonizing self-governing nervous system that affects traumatic conditions.
  • Ensure your syllabus and guidelines before appearing in the examination.
  • Take good care of your diet and eat at squat intervals. Try crunching on fruits and light snacks.
  • Stop trying to gulp down up the complete syllabus at a go. Try smart and selective learning activities.
  • Organize a time schedule & allot time consequently.
  • Confer with question banks & organize your topics that need special care.
  • Keep paper & pen handy. Doodle all that you are demanding to study by heart. Written impression helps mind catalog sooner.
  • Food with high protein will boost up your resilience. Do not intake much on caffeine and put an end to junkies.
  • Engage on group discussions with family and friends. With manifold inputs erudition becomes interactive and appealing.
  • During exhale deem that you are getting strain out of your body.
  • Feel the air filling your lungs. Try to contest how much air you inhale and how much air you exhale.
  • Keep your study milieu clean & pleasing. Do not stash your table gratuitously. Keep flower & incense sticks in close proximity. This brings fair quantity of affirmative air and poise.
  • Sustain a normal sleep prototype. A normal 7 hours of sleep is obligatory for the body to function able-bodied.
  • Parents should act as assurance inoculations at this time. Impractical expectations about marks can only pull down torment.
  • Abdominal pains, Headaches, tremor, sweating, muscle tension and nausea are indications off over stress. Do not contemplate to find clinical help instantaneously.
  • Finally do a recall exercise to get confidence.

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