CBSE Class 12th Biology Solved Guess Paper: 2018

Solved Guess Paper for CBSE Class 12 Biology board exam 2018 is available here. This solved paper is extremely important for coming CBSE Class 12 Biology board exam.

CBSE Solved Guess Paper for Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018
CBSE Solved Guess Paper for Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018

Get Solved Guess Paper for Class 12th Biology CBSE board exam 2018. According to CBSE Date Sheet 2018, Class 12 Biology board exam 2018 is scheduled to be held on 27th March 2018. It means very few days are left for the exam preparation.

During this time selective study is extremely important and this is the time when students should focus more on practice rather than studying anything new.

Due to this reason, has provided a completely solved Guess Paper for Class 12 Biology board exam 2018.

This solved paper is developed by experts at Our experts have analysed previous 5 years’ papers and observed that some concepts from Class 12 Biology NCERT textbooks are frequently being asked in board exams, every year. In this Guess Paper, you will learn about all such important concepts.

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Latest Cass 12 Biology Sample Paper: 2018 (Issued by CBSE)

In this solved Guess Paper, you will find 5 sections (i.e., Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D and Section E)

• Section A contains question number 1 to 5, these are very Short Answer type questions of one mark each

• Section B contains question number 6 to 10, these are short Answer type I questions of two marks each

• Section C contains question number 11 to 22, these are short Answer type II questions of three marks each

• Section D contains question number 23, this is value Based Question of four marks

• Section E contains question number 24 to 26, these are long Answer type questions of five marks each

Internal choices are present in short answer types questions and long answer type questions as per latest CBSE Class 12 Biology Examination Pattern 2017 – 2018.

Main features of the Solved Guess Paper are:

• Strictly follows CBSE Class 12th Biology syllabus

• Based on latest CBSE Class 12 Biology examination pattern

• Blueprint of this guess paper is almost similar to the latest CBSE Cass 12 Biology Sample Paper

• Focuses upon topics from which questions are likely to be asked

• Offers detailed explanation & solution for each and every question

• Helps in building your confidence for the final examination

Some questions from the solved guess paper are given below:

Question: Mention the role of 'genetic mother' in MOET.


Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer (MOET) includes administration of hormones to genetic mother to induce production of more number of mature eggs at a time, i.e. superovulation, which in turn are then transferred to surrogate mother.

Question: Name the technique used to separate DNA fragments in a laboratory?

Answer. Gel Electrophoresis is used to separate DNA fragments in a laboratory.

Question: If 60 children were born in a hospital out of which 6 children died in a week, then what would be the death rate of children in that hospital?

Answer. Death rate of children for the mentioned period is 0.1 child per week.

Question: What is the principle involved in natural methods of birth control.


Natural or traditional methods are based on the principle of avoiding chances of meeting of sperms and eggs. These include periodic abstinence, Coitus interrupts and lactational amenorrhoea.

Question: A certain tissue, of a plant, infected with TMV was used to obtain a new plant using tissue culture technique. Identify the technique used and reason out the possibility of obtaining a new healthy plant.

Answer. Tissue culture using meristematic tissue as it is virus free.

Question: Name a genus of baculovirus. Why they are considered good biocontrol agents?


Nucleopolyhedrovirus. Being species specific selective and narrow spectrum biocontrol agents, these viruses do not exert any harmful impact on crops, animals and human and non target insects. For example, Nucleopolyhedrovirus targets mainly moths and butterflies.

Question: A single pea plant in your kitchen garden produces pods with viable seeds, but individual papaya plant does not. Explain.


Pea plant is a dioecious plant and produce bisexual flowers bearing both stamen and pistel on the same flower. Therefore, self fertilization between pollen and ovule of same flowers produce viable seeds. Papaya is a monoecious plant and produce unisexual flowers which in turn facilitate only cross fertilization. Hence, single papaya plant cannot produce viable seeds.

Question: Retroviruses have no DNA. However, the DNA of the infected host cell does possess viral DNA. How is it possible?


Genome or retrovirus possesses RNA genome that can replicates to form viral DNA with the help of the enzyme reverse transcriptase. This viral DNA now gets incorporated into host’s cellular DNA and directs the infected cells to produce virus particles by host’s machinery.




Other questions and answers of the guess paper are given in the eBook

Get the Complete Class 12th Biology Solved Guess Paper for CBSE Board Exam 2018

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