CBSE Class 12th English Solved Question Paper 2014

This article is about the solution of CBSE Class 12th English (core) Question Paper 2014.

Find CBSE Class 12th English Solved Question Paper 2014. These questions have been solved as per the marking scheme followed by CBSE.

A few Questions from this Set are given below:

Q. Why is the Champaran episode considered to be the beginning of the Indian Struggle for freedom?


Value Points:

• Champaran- turning point in the life of Gandhiji and in the history of India
• Give the historical background of Champaran
• It served as a testing ground for the basic principles of the Gandhian philosophy
• Gandhiji resisted the Civil authorities and revolted against the authorities but the non-violent way
• Brought to light the importance of knowing the real facts before going out to protest
• Familiarized the masses with Gandhian way of protest-non-violent; with full heed to the dictates of the conscience; doing everything selflessly;
• Set the ball rolling for the liberation of the poor and the oppressed and the Indians in general in the years to come

Q. What was the General’s plan to get rid of the American prisoner? Was it executed? What traits of the General’s character are highlighted in the lesson “The Enemy”?


value Points

• General informed of the presence of the American prisoner by Dr. Sadao

The General convinced-the best way –get the American killed without anybody knowing about it

• The General said that he would send his own assassins to do it
• Dr. Sadao agreed with the General’s plan
• No, it wasn’t executed
• The General didn’t send his men to kill the General
• The General- not a man of his words- not as courageous or daring as the doctor
• Too occupied with himself and his illness to honour his promise
• It cannot be denied that he probably spared the American’s life out of compassion by not deliberately sending his men

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