CBSE Class 12th Physics question paper 2012 Set-1

Find CBSE Board Exam 2012 Class XII Physics Question Paper (Set-1). This CBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2012 (Set -1) will help you to get the information about the questions  and the latest pattern that how questions  are being framed.

Solve 2012 CBSE-Physics Question Paper (Set-1) given here.

1. Two wires of equul length, one of copper and the other of manganinhave the same resistance. Which wire is thicker?

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2. What are the directions of electric and magnetic field vectorsrelative to each other and relative to the direction of
propagation of electromagnetic waves ?

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3. How does the angular separation between fringes in single-slit diffraction experiment change when the distance of
separation between the slit and screen is doubled ?

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4. A proton and an electron have same kinetic energy. vhich one has greater do-Brogle wavelength and why?

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5. Mention the two characteristic properties of the material suitable for making core of a transformer.

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