CBSE Students: 10 Quick Success Mantras

For students pursuing their school education, Class 10 and Class 12 board examination are very vital. Their performance in these two examinations will shape the path of their academic as well as professional career in the future. In this article, we have provided some important preparation tips with which students can easily score in CBSE board exam 2018.

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For students pursuing their school education, Class 10 and Class 12 board examination are very vital. Their performance in these two examinations will shape the path of their academic as well as professional career in the future. The rising competition and increasing cut-offs have made CBSE student look at their school level education as a mere competition rather than an educative experience.

However, looking at your CBSE education only from the perspective of doing well in board examination is a wrong approach. During the formative years of CBSE education, it is important to develop conceptual understanding and subjective knowledge in order to be through with all the subjects. Furthermore, doing so will not only help you excel in your CBSE board exams right now but will also be very helpful in future in your higher studies. Although this sounds like a very novel idea with several long-term benefits, implementing it is a tough challenge that will require tremendous effort and commitment from the students. If you are a CBSE student who is keen on doing well in the Board exams as well as enjoy the learning experience at school level; you should follow the following 10 Quick Success Mantras to help you out!

1. Presence in Classroom

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My Maths teacher is not good, I will study this in coaching, going school is wastage of time these are some most common punch-lines among school student. Many of the students pursuing their schooling are often enrolled in tuition classes and coaching centres. Such students develop a ‘taken for granted’ approach to classroom training offered in the schools. While joining a coaching class is a personal choice, the teachers that are chosen for CBSE schools are qualified both in terms of academic subjective knowledge as well as teaching methodology and, therefore, are your best bet at knowing and understanding complex concepts. Moreover, attending your school classes regularly also ensure attendance and more or less will help you, the lack of which might become a problem during exam time.

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2. Prepare Your Own Notes

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It is important for CBSE students to prepare notes on their own by compiling their textbooks and study materials provided by the school or coaching centres. Normally, CBSE students are flooded with study materials provided in schools and coaching centres. These notes and study material may contain information not important from examination point of view. So, study notes come in handy during the revision phase, where you are pressed for time and need to understand concepts and topics through just a glance. It is very important that your notes must contain complete information relevant to exam and must be as short as possible.

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3. Don’t Ignore Assignments

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Homework and assignments top the list of things hated by CBSE students. While completing your homework may look like a boring task right now, but there is a deeper thought behind it assigning you. Homework assignments are used by students as a self-revisionary mechanism to help students re-touch upon the topics that were discussed in the class today. Again just like preparing notes, doing your homework assignments also help you to create personalised reference materials that you can easily understand in future.

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4. Set Your Own Academic Calendar

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The majority of CBSE students appearing for Board Exams this year do not have a comprehensive or holistic preparation study strategy for the exams. Many of them either start studying a month or two before the exams arrive; such an approach is not only wrong but quite stressful for students. To avoid this, CBSE students should build a year-long study schedule. In other words, you should set yearly, monthly or daily targets to complete the syllabus and work hard to achieve the targets.

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5. Set Realistic & Achievable Targets

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Preparing for CBSE Board exams can be a stressful and hectic job. Many times students who have failed to develop a holistic preparation strategy are pressed for time and end up setting unrealistic educational goals for themselves. While studying for 14 hours a day may look good no your daily timetable, executing it in daily life may be a difficult job. At times, failure to achieve such unrealistic goals also breaks the confidence of the students and pushes them towards depression. Therefore, it is very important that students keep their goals realistic and keep themselves motivated during the preparation phase.

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6. Happy Studying

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All the students pursuing their CBSE schooling may have experienced boredom and lack of motivation for studying from time to time. If you are one among them, worry not; it is a natural reaction to any repeated action. While we cannot entire skip out CBSE study schedule because of boredom, we can surely make it more interesting by mixing and matching things up. Try to follow a flexible study schedule that is not fixed on timelines but rather the subjects and topics that you need to complete in a day. Moreover, you can also employ innovative study techniques like online videos, game-based learning projects and other similar things to keep things interesting during your CBSE preparation phase.

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7. Be Your Own Teacher

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While teachers and coaching instructors are there to help to understand complex problems and concepts in an easier manner; it won’t amount to any learning until you make an effort yourself to know it. Moreover, in a classroom setting, a teacher has to follow a common learning methodology that may not work for you. Therefore, it is very important for all the CBSE students to be their own teachers, in a way that they study and explain these concepts to themselves in a manner that is easily understood and remembered by them. Teaching yourself also helps you develop a deeper conceptual level understanding of topics that will be retained by your brain for longer time duration. You will face several challenges and problems while teaching yourself difficult subjective concepts; it is here that you can and should take care of your teachers.

8. Take Help from Question Papers & Mock Tests

Students should also include previous year question papers and mock tests as part of CBSE study plan. While studying and developing a conceptual understanding of topics is very good for overall learning, if you want to do well in CBSE Board exams, you will have to know and understand the type of questions that are being asked. Previous Year CBSE Question Papers and Mock Test and Guess Papers will go a long way in helping you understand this aspect and ace it. Apart from this, question papers also help students self-assess their preparation and make amends to their CBSE preparation method.

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9. Educational Goals

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While it may seem like a very big word right now, but Educational Goals are very simple to understand and define. Educational Goals can be a combination of things that students want to achieve through their education at school level. It can be to build something innovative, study a particular topic beyond the school prescribed syllabus or merely prepare well for the CBSE Board exams. The key motive behind defining educational goals is to give students a purpose about their school education and motivate them to study well and learn new things in a manner that it develops their intelligence quotient. It is necessary that a student must select subject of their interest and set his or her future goals.

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10. Don’t Ignore Health: Exercise & Meditate

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Often overweighed by the fierce competition and peer and parental pressures, students fall in the trap of considering the CBSE studies as their only reason of existence. While there is no doubt that studying for CBSE board exam is very important and necessary part of your life; you should still consider it only a part. One sided approach to anything is very wrong and the same goes for CBSE preparation. Therefore, in addition to studying students should also take out time for other activities like sports, physical exercises, meditation and yoga. As the saying goes, Healthy Body is very important for the development of a healthy mind; students should also take care of their body and be physically fit. Moreover, physical exercises and activities like meditation helps in improving overall concentration power of the students; so it acts as an added advantage.

By including these simple yet very effective success mantras in their daily life, CBSE students can experience a rich learning experience as well as prepare well and excel in their CBSE Board Examinations.

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