DU Admissions 2016-17: Centralised trials for Sports & ECA quota candidates

As part of the process of DU Admission 2016-17, aspirants seeking admission under the Sports and ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) will have to undergo centralized trails, instead of multiple tests.

Created On: Jun 1, 2016 14:40 IST

Delhi: The Delhi University varsity has come up with good news for all the aspirants seeking admission under ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) and Sports quota! The University has decided to conduct centralised trials for the aspirants of this category, instead of multiple tests. Aspirants will not have to appear for series of tests, which was done earlier as a part of the DU admission process.

The University will allocate different sports to different colleges to conduct the trial, on the basis of the pattern of sports admissions. Each college will be assigned a particular activity for trial and the scores obtained will be valid for all the colleges.

The centralised trial process will be introduced for the first time in ECA category. The centralised process will be followed for the sports quota, debarring the centralised fitness test as a part of the admission process. The centralised fitness test was introduced last year and won’t be conducted this year.

"The candidates will make a common application and the list of the sports available at respective colleges will be made available on the website. There was an observation by Delhi High Court in this regard that the performance of the students is affected when they have to appear for multiple trials," said CS Dubey, Chairman of DU's Sports Council.

As per the existing guidelines of the DU admission process, colleges can admit up to five per cent of its students under the ECA and sports category.