Here’s how to manage your professional and personal life

If you don’t want letting your personal life get affected by the hectic work schedules and at the same time don’t want to become a loser, then follow the tips we have provided here.

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Work-Life Balance
Work-Life Balance

Frequent meetings, seminars, and conferences, lengthy projects, assignments, and tasks, and hectic work schedules are among the most common activities which every working professional come across in their daily life. Performing at all quarters of the work, the personal life of most of the professional begin getting affected which later causes frustration, anxiety, and mental stress.

To know doing what leads to an imbalance in a professional’s life and how could make work life balance, doing away with the most common habits that causes havoc to a balanced life, keep the reading continue as here, we have provided a comprehensive list of what you might get affected doing at.


You begin bothering yourself more than you could bear while trying to be a perfect professional. It’s is necessary for you to give you best. But, as a perfectionist, you need to work more than usual which would definitely affects the balance between your personal life and professional. So, to maintain work life balance, avoid chasing perfectionism by developing workaholic tendencies.

Letting people to take unhealthy advantage of you

Don’t let people around you to take an unhealthy advantage of you. They will continue taking advantage of your efforts and over sense of responsibility once they realise that you will not deny their request concerning to the output of the assignment your team is assigned to complete. So, organise your own boundaries of doing work and remain stick to them. Besides this, decide a time when you stop doing work related to the office. 

Working hard

There are lots of works in every organisation where the projects, assignments, and tasks are assignment to every professional. Sometimes, these assignment, projects, and tasks are so lengthy, tricky, and complex that it becomes difficult for the professional to complete it within the deadline. Following the situation, the professionals begin working day and night, spending extra hours which bother them a lot. Try some time saving hacks so that you could complete you task within the deadline.

Giving immediate response  

Suppose, you’re on leave and somebody from your office calls you and begin discussing about certain assignment or task. This compels you to immediately dive into the work following which your mind get engaged into office work. If you continue responding this way then people from your office will never stop disturbing you, even when you’re on leave for some important personal work.         So, to evade such situations and to maintainbalance between professional and personal life, make your own rule for replying on the calls, emails, and messages.

Staying busy

Do you think that you would be perceived as a more productive professional just because you spend more time at your office? If yes, then you may be at wrong path. As far as the productivity of professional is concerned, a professional needs to complete the assigned tasks, assignment, and projects efficiently, consuming less time than the usual. Productivity therefore depends on how you complete your assignment not on the amount of the time you spend in the office.

Taking office work to home

Doesn’t it often happen that you take office’s work home and then that you have lost that time you could spend with your family? It so happens that you don’t give your best at any of the places. You need to understand that you need to be present at home with home and family issues just as much as you need to leave those issues at home when you’re at work. People back home need to clearly be aware of the deadlines to be met at the office.

However, you also need to strike a balance where your work issues stay at work so that you can both physically and mentally be present at home.

To have a healthy work-life balance you cannot forget to eat, drink enough water and sleep – these are the basic necessities. Be smart in avoiding anything that doesn’t let you have your work-life balance.

Imagine you’re just about to leave your workplace, possibly for cocktails at TGI Fridays, even though it’s actually Tuesday. Before you do, write a note to yourself listing outstanding tasks or any work things that are on your mind. “Then shut the diary, turn off your PC, store your message and leave it.” counsels Allen. “Focus on the image of shutting the diary, saving the message or turning off your PC.” If this is not possible, she recommends what she calls a stop-breathe technique. What does that mean? “Take a slow breath and acknowledge that you’ve left. If you can’t do that at the office door, when you’re getting a train or bus and the door closes, imagine that’s the end of your working day. Or if you’re in your car, sit at the wheel for a short while before you start the engine.”

Closure is a big theme among those offering tips to a healthy work-life balance: the Mental Health Foundation says that if you do happen to take work home with you, you should try to confine it to a certain area of your home – and be able to close the door on it.

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