How Can I Earn From An Online Teaching Job?

Earn Income through Online Teaching: As the hybrid learning model becomes the primary mainstay in the post-pandemic era; it has also opened up several new income avenues for teachers and educators. Know how can you earn and build a viable income by teaching students online. Get Details Here.

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How Can I Earn From An Online Teaching Job?
How Can I Earn From An Online Teaching Job?

Earn Income through Online Teaching: Hybrid Learning Model has emerged as the future of the education sector in the post-pandemic era. Experts have hinted that the transition to digital learning which was fast-tracked by COVID-19 is here to stay and will truly revolutionize the way students learn. With a mix of online education and traditional classroom learning; Hybrid Classrooms are expected to transform the learning and teaching pedagogy to the next level. While speculations have always been rife about e-Learning overtaking the traditional model, but its time to put these claims to the test.

Scope and Growth of Online Education in India

A report by India Brand Equity Foundation has brushed to the side any speculation about the way education, especially online education is expected to grow in the country. The report says that a young Bharat with its 580 million Indians between the age of 5-24 years age group offers a perfect opportunity for the education sector to grow. The report estimated the education sector in India to be worth $91.7 billion in FY18 and is expected to amount to $225 billion by FY25. In this expanded universe, the Edtech market is expected to reach 4 billion by 2025, from US$ 750 million in 2020. Another similar report from KPMG puts India as the 2nd largest e-Learning Market in the world followed by the US. This truly shows the scope and growth landscape for online education in India.

How Can I Earn From An Online Teaching Job?

Why Should You Teach Online?

While there are many obvious advantages for students to learn online including convenience, flexibility, tech-aided learning model and others which make it a very lucrative option for students. However, rarely does anyone talk about how online teaching can be a great advantage to the teachers as well. At first, adopting online methods of teaching may seem like a very tedious process with a very steep learning curve, but as more and more educators get familiar and acclimatized with the online teaching tools they are finding several benefits of the same. The key among them include


Similar to students, educators adopting online teaching methods get a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to conducting online classes. Teachers who adopt online teaching for the students get to choose their working hours and when they can hold the online classes. In addition to timings, educators also get flexibility in choosing the subjects they might be interested in teaching, as in the online domain they get to explore multiple fields of expertise instead of focusing on one.

Earn Extra Income Online

One of the biggest advantages of online teaching for teachers is that it gives them an opportunity to earn extra income through online platforms. The pandemic has shown students, parents and other stakeholders the effectiveness of online learning and how it can help ensure academic continuity and also aid in improving the performance of the students.

How Can I Earn From An Online Teaching Job?

In the last two years, the demand for online teaching in terms of tuition, hobby classes, fitness classes, and many other types of activities online has grown by leaps and bounds. This demand has presented a great opportunity for the teachers and educators to also expand their offerings and start providing online learning solutions to the students. While many teachers have taken to YouTube to upload educational videos, some have launched their dedicated apps and website-based solutions offering end-to-end courses for various exams and courses.

One Time Effort for Educators

In the digital realm, everything is recorded and reported. This gives educators a unique opportunity to put in one-time effort to create educational content, be it online classes, test series or lectures; which can be used again and again to help different sets of students. This ability to record lectures and sessions and use them later again can help educators provide the same classes to multiple students in different locations at different times; while also giving students the flexibility of choosing to learn as and when they have time on hand.

How to Promotion and Market your Online Teaching in India?

While many educators are doing great work in terms of preparing online classes, lecture series, test series and many other academic offerings; a major challenge that many of them face is promotion or advertising. Many business experts suggest that creating good online courses or content is equally important as marketing it.

Especially given the flexibility of geolocation for learners in the online learning model, educators can take advantage of it and scale up their offerings to reach out to learners from different parts of their state, country and even the world. But this can be possible only if you crack the way you advertise your business. The two of the simplest ways to advertise your online teaching business are given below:

  • Social Media Advertising: Social Media is one place where youngsters look to when it comes to finding credible solutions to their needs. With a large number of students in the 15 to 30 age group present on social media; educators can take on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other such social platforms to expand their reach and market their educational courses.
  • Digital Advertisements: Apart from social media, several other established educational portals offer advertising space, where educators can showcase their offerings to attract more learners to their programmes.

Tools Required for Online Teaching

Now that we have discussed why online teaching can be a great option for educators and how they can market their courses to earn and expand their offerings; it is also important to look at the resources that might help them to create quality educational content. During the pandemic, several digital assets and tools have been made available to educators which can be used to create learning content for the students. From quiz platforms to videos and animation; from presentations to data-driven dashboards; there are many tools that can aid an educator in creating quality educational content. Some of the best among them are mentioned below:

Online Communication Tools: To hold online classes it is pivotal to have a two-way communication platform where students can interact and reach out to you in case of any doubts. For his requirement, several online communication tools such as Google meet, Skype, Microsoft Office, and zoom are available to the educators. The key while choosing the right communication tool for your students will lie in ensuring the accessibility of the same among your learners.

Digital Whiteboards: What blackboards were for the physical classrooms; digital whiteboards are for the online classrooms. They play a very important role when it comes to explaining the nitty-gritty of the topic or subject to the students. Using digital whiteboards, educators can record their sessions and present the same before the students in a much more convenient and organized manner.

Data Storage and Dissemination Tools: With daily classes, tests, students’ performance reports and other data and documents being gathered regularly, it is also important for educators to have a proper data storage and dissemination tool. Several cloud services such as OneDrive, Microsoft Office, or Dropbox offer free data storage facility which can be used for this purpose. However, in case more storage space is required by educators, they can also buy premium or paid offerings from the same service providers.

Online Assessment Tools: The academic learning cycle for a student begins from awareness, grows into understanding and imbibing the knowledge and ends with assessment, to evaluate the performance of the students. Therefore, online educators also need an online assessment tool that can help assess and evaluate students. For this, educators can use Google Classroom, Google Docs and other tools to give writing assignments and hold quizzes and tests.

How Can I Earn From An Online Teaching Job?

While creating and developing an online teaching business from the scratch is a very good idea, gathering students and expanding it might turn out to be a major challenge for many educators. Most educators are subject-matter experts and therefore should look at third party online teaching platforms that invite them to collaborate and share their knowledge and teaching and earn from the same. On such an important platform is Superprof India. This platform offers a simple sign-up and registration process, following which educators can start offering classes on the platform and earn from the same.

How Can I Earn From An Online Teaching Job?

On Superprof an online teacher can potentially earn around INR 22,000 per month (*depending on experience). The most popular subjects on online teaching platforms are:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Spoken English
  3. Yoga
  4. Computer Programming
  5. Physics

In the post-pandemic era, online teaching has become a very lucrative career opportunity for educators who want the flexibility of working from home but at the same time also want to reach out to students and share their knowledge with them. Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, any educator who is looking at online teaching as a career option can transform this opportunity into a success mantra.

Note:- The article is written by the Brand Desk.

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