Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam 2013

Fined all the previous year solved and unsolved question papers, guess papers, Syllabus and Important questions of class 12 Biology for the last moment and refresh your study in few minutes

Mar 7, 2013 15:48 IST

CBSE Biology Guess Paper 2013, given here.

1. Why single-celled organisms are considered immortal?

2. What are hermaphrodites?

3. Name two groups of organisms where the body is diploid.

4. Identify each part in a flowering plant and write whether it is haploid (n) or diploid (2n):

(a) Ovary

(b) Anther

(c) Egg

(d) Pollen

(e) Male gamete

(f) Zygote.

5. Why pollen grains are well preserved as fossils?

6. When does cell wall formation start, in the organization of the embryo sac?

7. How many haploid nuclei and haploid cells are present in the female gametophyte of angiosperm?

8. Define emasculation.

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