CBSE Class 11 Mathematics NCERT Solutions: Chapter 12, Introduction To 3D Geometry

Get detailed and accurate NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Chapter 12, Introduction to 3D Geometry. All the solutions are explained by subject experts and are quite helpful to clear all the concepts. Students may download these NCERT solutions in PDF format.

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Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions
Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions

Class 11 makes a foundation for the CBSE board exams conducted in class 12 which is considered to be the most crucial stage in the academic life of a student. Class 12 board exam result will help you decide the course of your career. For grabbing a seat in top notch colleges of the country, you need to earn high scores in Class 12 board examination.

Good result in class 12 depends upon your preparation and strong hold on the concepts and fundamentals of each subject. This can happen with the thorough and planned study in class 11. To strengthen your fundamentals in class 11, we suggest all students to follow the NCERT books only and solve all the questions given at the end of each chapter in NCERT book.

In class 11 Maths NCERT books there are a number of questions given in NCERT books based on each conceptual topic. Solving these questions will help you clear the concepts in a better way and gain confidence to solve other problems based on that concept.

CBSE Class 11 Mathematics NCERT Solutions for Chapter 12, Introduction To 3D Geometry

In this article we are providing the NCERT solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 11, Introduction to 3D Geometry.  All the solutions are framed in step wise structure to help you clearly understand the concepts and techniques implemented. These solutions will also help you find the right approach to all NCERT questions.

Main topics discussed in Class 11 Mathematics chapter- Introduction To 3D Geometry are:

  • Coordinate axes and coordinate planes in three dimensional space
  • Coordinates of a point in space
  • Distance between two points
  • Section formula. 

Students may download all the NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 11 Mathematics chapter – Introduction to 3D Geometry, in PDF format.

Some of the questions and their solutions from NCERT Solutions for Class 11: Introduction To 3D Geometry, are as follows:

To get all the NCERT Solutions, click on the following link:

CBSE Class 11 Mathematics NCERT Solutions: Introduction to 3D Geometry  

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