Learn anything with Feynman learning technique

Have you spent hours trying to learn a new concept but unable to memorize it? It's time you moved on from rote learning to Feynman learning method.

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Learn anything with Feynman learning technique
Learn anything with Feynman learning technique

The college campuses around this time are all are swarmed with students carrying various books and notes. Even libraries are full with students trying to cram yet another concept in the short breaks between the lectures. After all, the semester exams are just around the corner in many universities and colleges across the country. Each and every student has his head buried in the books trying to cram up as much as of his syllabus as he can. But why does the exam season has students in such a fix and pitiable state. It's because students today focus more on rote learning and not understanding the concept.

All they are concerned with is cramming up the topics and clearing the exam, they are not at all interested in remembering the lesson in the longer run. Moreover, the method of rote learning is easier and faster method of learning things especially when a student is under great pressure to score A-grade marks or be a topper in his class. But this harms the long-term education of the child. Students should resort to rote learning as the last method. Feynman Learning technique is a far much better approach at learning concepts for students and it can be applied to any topic of any subject.

What is Feynman Learning Technique?

Feynman Learning Technique is a learning method that was developed by Mr. Richard Feynman the famous Nobel-Prize winning physicist. Mr. Feynman was called the 'Great Explainer' and was greatly revered for his ability to explain complex topics like that of Quantum Physics even to a layman.

How to focus better on your studies?

With his method one can easily recall and explain concepts in the simplest of manner. Thus, making it a very effective learning technique. The learning method is based on 4 simple steps

1. Choose any topic

2. Pretend to teach the topic to your classmate

3. Refer to the books if you get stuck

4. Use Analogies

Understanding the Steps of Feynman Learning Technique in Depth :

1. Choose Any Topic

Pick any topic from any subject be it history, geography, physics, chemistry anything. Write down everything you know about the topic on a piece of paper and keep adding to it every time you learn something new.           

How to study for long hours without losing concentration

2 . Pretend to teach the topic to your classmate

Now try to simplify the concept. To ease the process imagine that you are explaining it to a fellow classmate. Use examples to explain the complex topics. Make the topic as simple to understand as you can. If you are able to achieve this you will remember the topic for much longer period of time.

3. Refer to the books if you get stuck.

While explaining the topic in simplified terms if you get stuck anywhere don't hesitate to refer to your notes or books. Also, if you feel that you are unable to simply the concept revisit your notes to try to understand the concept again, and then try to simplify it once more. Repeat the process until you have explained the entire concept in simplified terms.

4. Use Analogies

If by any chance you feel the concept is too abstract and you are unable to break it in layman terms try to find an analogy. Try and find examples from the real world that will help your friend connect with the concept and understand it better. Analogies are like examples from real life situations.

The trick here is simply to simplify the concept to the extent where you can easily explain even the most complex of topics to a layman. Learning should never be about cramming up things without understanding or making any sense of the topic. Rote learning is a method where one just simply crams up things, the learning lasts only for a short duration by this method. For example, imagine a child who can pinpoint names of every animal figure in the book but doesn't really understand how a dog is different from a cat his learning is as good as waste. Feynman learning method on the other hand would have helped him understand the character traits of each animal and thus understanding the difference between each of them.  The technique is good for learning a new idea, understanding a concept better, remembering things, or just simply studying for a test. The trick works for anything and everything. For more such interesting articles on college life, please visit www.jagranjosh.com/college.

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