Learning to solve questions on Percentage in Quantitative Aptitude

Percentage is derived from a latin word meaning per hundred. Questions on percentage are asked in all the examinations. Read the article and know the basics.

Jul 5, 2014 10:59 IST

Percentage sounds as being one of the simplest topics as, conceptually it is very easy to understand. But real fight is in its application. Questions directly on percentage are only asked in Banking exams or SSC exams but when it comes to MBA Entrance examinations, the concept and calculations are applied in other long questions.

A percent is a ratio whose consequent is 100.

• ‘Percent’ comes from the Latin phrase per centum, which means per hundred

• % is used as the symbol for percent

When we say that ‘x is p% of y’ we mean that  x : y :: p : 100
For example, ‘My income is 20% of yours’ means that
                    my income : your income :: 20 : 100

As ratios can be represented by fractions or numbers (decimals), so percent can also be represented by fractions or numbers (decimals). Several combinations of conversions are possible.

For Example:

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